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Child Abduction: Prevention, Investigation, and Recovery
Robert L. Snow  More Info

Captain Robert L. Snow is a 30 year veteran of the Indianapolis Police Department.  He has served throughout the ranks as a police officer, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain.  As a police executive, he has been the Indianapolis Police Department’s Commander of Planning and Research, the Chief’s Administrative Assistant, Executive Officer and Captain of Detectives.  His current assignment is as the Commander of the Homicide.


Robert graduated from Indiana University summa cum laude with degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology.  He has been a publishing writer for well over 20 years, with dozens of articles and short stories in such national magazines as Playboy, Reader’s Digest, LAW & ORDER, Action Digest, Police, and the National Enquirer.


According to the book description of Child Abduction: Prevention, Investigation, and Recovery, “While most people have heard about high-profile abductions such as the Elizabeth Smart case, such abductions are not isolated cases. The abduction of children occurs much more often in our country than most people would suspect, but because of a fault in our country's national crime reporting procedures, no one knows the true number. This book details the scope of the child abduction problem in the United States, and its very real danger. It covers the different types of abductions and discusses the psychological changes that can occur in long-term abducted children that will often stop them from attempting to escape, or even to seek help, though good opportunities may present themselves. Snow also discusses the danger to secondary victims of child abduction. He devotes several chapters to what both parents and the government can do to stop many of the child abductions that now occur, and, for those not stopped, steps parents can take that will greatly assist the authorities in quickly locating and safely rescuing an abducted child. He concludes with a chapter on the psychological and emotional concerns of recovered abducted children, and how families can help them re-integrate themselves into a normal life. Real life examples are provided in every chapter. It is every parent's worst nightmare. Someone has abducted their child, and no one, including the police, has a clue where the child is. But worse, while parents feel certain their child is terrified and crying desperately for them, they don't know if their child is being physically mistreated, sexually molested, or worse. The uncertainty and powerlessness can drive parents of abducted children to the edge of insanity. But there are measures parents and children can take to avoid being the victim of abduction. There are things families can do, too, to apprehend offenders and bring children home even after an abduction occurs. Here, a retired police captain offers expert advice designed to help keep children safe and to help families deal with an abduction once it has occurred. Practical advice is offered throughout to families and professionals that will help all involved handle this tense and terrifying experience.” 

Raising Safe Kids in an Unsafe World: 30 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Child from Being Lost, Abducted, or Abused
Jan Wagner  More Info

The Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Investigation, and Intervention (Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigation)
Seth L. Goldstein  More Info

Seth L. Goldstein was a police officer for the Berkeley Police Department for 13 years.  During his time with the Berkeley Police Department he served in Patrol, Service and the Detective Division.  On the Berkeley Police Department, Seth Goldstein worked for two years as a juvenile officer. Seth Goldstein is the Executive Director of the Child Abuse Forensic Institute, which he founded in 1992. The Institute assists parents in Family Law, Juvenile, and Personal Injury matters wherein child abuse allegations have arisen.


Prior to founding the Child Abuse Forensic Institute Seth Goldstein was the investigator and Project Director for the Child Abuse Vertical Prosecution Unit of the Napa County District Attorney, Napa, California. He also worked as an investigator with the Santa Clara County District Attorney, San Jose, California, and was a special prosecutor for the San Benito County District Attorney, Hollister, California. Seth Goldstein earned his law degree from the Oakland College of Law


While with the Berkeley Police Deparment, Seth Goldstein served as the Chairman of the Northern California Juvenile Officers Association Committee on Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and also has served as the Association’s President and editor of its newsletter. He has presented at seminars and workshops throughout the country and in Europe, including the FBI Academy at Quantico, Va. Seth Goldstein is certified as a Criminal Investigation Instructor by the Robert Presley Institute for Criminal Investigation, and has testified as an expert witness in court, including a branch of the Florida Supreme Court, as well as numerous California and Federal legislative commissions and committees.  Seth Goldstein is the author of The Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Investigation, and Intervention and Investigating Child Sexual Exploitation: Law Enforcement's Role; and, the co-author of Raising Safe Kids in an Unsafe World: 30 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Child from Being Lost, Abducted, or Abused.


According to the book description of The Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Investigation, and Intervention, the “Second Edition discusses the new and different developments in the manifestation of problems involved in investigation and assessment of sexual cases and offers advice on dealing with these issues. Although many of the difficulties involved in investigation and assessment of sexual abuse allegations have remained unchanged since the first edition of this book appeared in 1987, the manner in which investigations are conducted must adapt to these new and different developments. Intended for investigators, attorneys, clinicians, court evaluators, medical practitioners and anyone who is involved in the litigation of child sexual abuse, this book focuses on proven field-tested methods gathered from law enforcement and clinical practitioners throughout the country. This updated and completely revised handbook guides anyone who needs to investigate or assess child sexual abuse allegations through the essential steps of enquiry.”

Killjoy-A Cop's Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse
Rollie Powell  More Info

Rollie Powell is a retired detective from the Rutland City Police Department (Vermont). He is the author of Killjoy-A Cop's Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse.  According to the book description, it “is the story of Rollie Powell's ten-year personal war against child sexual abuse, against the indifference and social denial that allows this crime to exist and grow at an alarming rate. As a detective with Rutland's Bureau of Criminal Investigation in Vermont he offers a full view of the issues from someone who has been on the frontlines - of the perpetrators, the victims, their families, the overloaded justice system and the public media reactions.”


According to one reader of Killjoy-A Cop's Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse, “As the mother of two young children, I recommend this book to every parent. I also believe that anyone working with children (teachers, social workers, law enforcement, camp counselors, baysitters)MUST read this book! You could help protect a child. Anyone interested in true crime books will also find this book fascinating. Not only was I quickly educated on what pedophilia and child sexual abuse are, I realized how big a problem this really is, and how quickly is 'spreads' like a disease. More importantly, I learned about the warning signs of abuse and realized I saw some of those signs in my own children. A closer look at my own kids revealed serious problems in their daycare and I removed them immediately.”


Rollie Powell’s book offers to appendices: Prevention Guide and Resource Guide. “In the Prevention Guide, Powell offers techniques and methods for prevention through educating children, recognizing signs of abuse in children, providing love and support and getting professional help. The Resource Guide is a list of associations, organizations, state agencies and web sites, offering support and information.”

Child Safety 101
Benny Mares  More Info

Benny Mares is a retired Los Angeles Police Department police officer and former international bodyguard.  Today, he is a child safety consultant and speaker throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Benny Mares is the author of Executive Protection: A Professional's Guide To Bodyguarding and Child Safety 101.


According to the description of Child Safety 101, “Is your child a potential victim? Child safety is every parent's first priority. Retired LAPD officer Benny Mares relates 101+ straightforward safety tips to assist parents in protecting against child molesters, abductors, and pedophiles. A must-read for parents.”

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