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A former police officer for the city of Palmetto (Florida), Chuck Cambers is the Chief investigator and owner of Chambers Investigations.  Since the beginning of his private investigative work Mr. Chambers has been appointed by the 12th. Judicial Circuit to conduct special investigations regarding homicides and capital crimes. Many of his cases can be found on the Internet through the Newscrawler Search Engines. He has processed  in excess of 20,000 cases both civil and criminal.  The largest case settlement to date is 6.5 million dollars for the plaintiff as well as several cases in excess of 1 million dollars.  Chuck Chambers also currently travels and conducts seminars for other investigators, business owners and private citizens in Crime Prevention, Privacy and How To Keep It, and Security.  He has also appeared as a guest speaker for the Florida Sheriff’s Association and assisted in updating Sheriff’s detectives on Fugitive Tracking and Locating Techniques. In 1965 Chuck Chambers joined the United States Marines and held a position in the Anti Tank Battalion.  


In his book, The Private Investigator Handbook: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Protect Yourself, Get Justice, or Get Even, he shares his insider expertise, with true case histories from his files, tricks of the trade, and step-by-step advice to help readers be able to:


- Catch a cheating spouse

- Uncover hidden assets, monetary malfeasance, and fraud

- Tail and track a mark

- Use the Internet to get information on anything and anyone

- Protect one's privacy

- Prepare an intelligence file on anyone-on and off line

- Find and preserve legal evidence

According to one reader of The Private Investigator Handbook: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Protect Yourself, Get Justice, or Get Even, “Chuck Chambers has been a private investigator in Florida since 1982. Before that he was in the Manatee County Sheriffs department, and before that in the US Marine Corps...He brought those experiences to his work as an investigator, and now enjoys the fruit of his work. He is constantly quoted and searched out in the Sarasota-Bradenton area for his comments and expertise on the mysterious cases that pop up from time to time. His book is nothing less than a treasure trove of information, advice and exposition regarding just about every area of investigation. If you are thinking of hiring a PI, or have concerns about privacy or asset protection, this is the book for you. You could save thousands of dollars just by reading the book and following Mr. Chambers' advice.”

The Private Investigator Handbook: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Protect Yourself, Get Justice, or Get Even
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About the Palmetto Police Department

According to the Palmetto Police Department its mission is to, “in partnership with the Community, is committed to providing a safe environment in which residents and visitors can enjoy a high quality of life.”

While the Palmetto Police Department’s website isn’t very extensive, it does have an interesting section on criminal profiling, including a statement on how and why it is used.  According to the Palmetto Police Department, “While criminal profiling does add elements (such as gender, race, or ethnicity) to a list of factors scrutinized to identify a suspect, these elements are only parts of several pieces of the puzzle that police must put together to solve crime.

Bias-based profiling occurs when, whether intentionally or unintentionally, an officer applies his or her own personal, societal, or organizational biases or stereotypes when making decisions or taking police action, and the ONLY reason for that decision or action is because of a person's race, ethnicity, background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, culture or other personal characteristic, rather than the observed behavior of the individual or the identification of the individual as being, having been, or about to be engaged in criminal activity.”

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