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Phillip Tomasso

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Phillip Tomasso works full time as a Dispatcher for Monroe County's Emergency Communications Department, 9-1-1. He lives in Rochester, NY with his three kids, and is the award winning author of Vaccination (Volume 1), Evacuation: The Vaccination Trilogy: Book 2, Preservation: The Vaccination Trilogy: Book 3, Damn The Dead (Arcadia Book 1), Sounds of Silence, Blood River: A Rick Stone Novel, Treasure Island: A Zombie Novella, Young Blood: The Nightbreed Saga: Book 1, White Flag Of The Dead: A Zombie Novel, Adverse Impact, PIGEON DROP, CONVICTED, Pulse of Evil, Johnny Blade, Tenth House, Mind Play and Third Ring.

According to the book description of Vaccination, "What if the H7N9 vaccination wasnt just a preventative measure against swine flu? It seemed like the flu came out of nowhere and yet, in no time at all the government manufactured a vaccination. Were lab workers diligent, or could the virus itself have been man-made? Chase McKinney works as a dispatcher at 9-1-1. Taking emergency calls, it becomes immediately obvious that the entire city is infected with the walking dead. His first goal is to reach and save his two children. Could the walls built by the U.S.A. to keep out illegal aliens, and the fact the Mexican government could not afford to vaccinate their citizens against the flu, make the southern border the only plausible destination for safety?"


According to the book description of Evacuation, "911 dispatcher, Chase McKinney, finds himself in the midst of an apocalypse. Contaminated vials of swine flu vaccination infected millions country-wide. Side effects turned those inoculated into zombies. Some fast. Some slow. Both deadly. The military escorts Chase, his children and a small band of survivors to a re-opened internment camp. The purpose is to test non-infected humans with the hope of developing a cure for the diseased population. What they find when they arrive at the camp is worse than their darkest fears."


According to the book description of Preservation, "it started with the flu in VACCINATION and became a full blown zombie apocalypse in EVACUATION. Find out how the nightmare concludes in PRESERVATION. Former 911 Dispatcher, Chase McKinney, learned that those inoculated with flu shots became zombies; that the US government and military were largely infected, rendering them useless in the crisis; and that he and his family are forced to continue along on a dangerous journey. Crossing into Mexico might provide the only sanctuary from the millions of zombies plaguing America. The question is, could they make it safely from New York to the border."


According to the book description of Damn The Dead, "marks the beginning of an exciting new stand-alone series from Phillip Tomasso and takes place some 3 years after the conclusion of the best-selling Vaccination Trilogy. Even in the heat of the zombie apocalypse, a time must come to rebuild. Charlene McKinney and her friends are on the run in the mountain ranges of North Carolina. Theyve stolen an 18 wheeler filled with food and supplies and the brutal gang they stole the vehicle from wont give up until they get back what belongs to them. The band of survivors stumble across Arcadia, a fortified town erected deep in a valley. There is food, shelter and electricity. Arcadia is fully functional as a community. They offer employment, have a fire department, peace officers, and a judge. The welcome sign posted by the front entrance boasts 3 simple laws for citizenship. No stealing. No fighting. No murder. Seeking sanctuary within the walls of Arcadia seems like the perfect place to hide. But in Arcadia, if you break the law you will find yourself damned with the dead."


According to the book description of Sounds of Silence, "Twelve-year-old Marco Lippa is the star pitcher for his Little League baseball team and does his best to lead his team to victory against their cross-town rivals, reveling in the cheering and applause. After one particular game, he becomes sick and is rushed to the hospital. Treated for meningococcal disease, Marco wakes up to discover that he is deafand all of his dreams seem to crumble. Now Marco must come to terms with living in a silent worldand the grief, anger, and loss that seem to go with it. He is enrolled at the state boarding school for the deaf, leaving behind his comfortable home and his family and friends while he re-learns how to communicate and function without his hearing. As if that wasnt hard enough, he quickly discovers that being deaf does not exempt him from the normal anxieties he faced at homebullies, girls, and fitting in. Will he ever find his way back to his dreams?"


According to the book description of Blood River: A Rick Stone Novel, "Sent to a remote area deep in the jungles of Indonesias Papua, TVs Catch & Release star Rick Stone and his film crew set out to do some extreme fishing in order to identify a creature preying on natives. Stone and his team encounter more than carnivorous fish on the journey. The prehistoric-like surroundings present danger at every turn. It isn't long before the purpose of boosting viewership and restoring network confidence with the first Reality TV Show are forgotten. Their survival becomes dependent on the ability to revert to animalistic behavior. Rick Stone no longer cares about his shows network ratings. All he wants now is to make it home alive."


According to the book description of Treasure Island: A Zombie Novella, "A virus similar to the Black Death outbreak has struck England. Mrs. Hawkins soon learns there are things worse than death. The dead have come back to life, and they are hungry. Jim Hawkins is on his way home with treasure in the belly of the Hispaniola. Captain Smollett is back in charge of the ship, and Long John Silver has agreed to stand trial at home, if only for the chance to make it home. Wanting only to save his mother and seek sanctuary, Jim realizes survival comes down to instinct and sacrifice in this continuation of Stevensons timeless classic, Treasure Island."


According to the book description of Young Blood: The Nightbreed Saga: Book 1, "There is no escaping war when ancient evil haunts the present . . . Madison Young and her friends go to a parking lot carnival. That same night she is found with her throat mangled. When she wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of any attack. The cravings start immediately. They confuse and frighten her, but she cannot deny them. As she starts remembering fragments from that night, she realizes more than just her life had been in danger--an unspeakable evil has tethered children to the inside of a trailer. Learning secret truths about her past, Madison is determined to track down the traveling carnival. Time is of the essence and sacrifices will have to made if she wants to save the stolen children. Her new found strength and abilities make her a perfect fit for a nightbreed of deadly and unlikely heroes. If she joins The Nightbreed will she find answers to her mounting questions? More importantly, will she find purpose for the creature shes become?"

According to the book description of White Flag Of The Dead: A Zombie Novel, "Millions died when the Enillo Virus swept the earth. Millions more were lost when the victims of the plague refused to stay dead, instead rising to slaughter and feed on those left alive. For survivors like John Talon and his son Jake, they are faced with a choice: Do they submit to the dead, raising the white flag of surrender? Or do they find the will to fight, to try and hang on to the last shreds or humanity?"


According to the book description of Adverse Impact, "Linda Genova thinks she has a secret admirer. The letters and flowers arrive harmlessly enough, until she enters into a new relationship. The covert obsession turns quickly toward jealousy as the anonymous love letters become aggressive and threatening. The police do not consider this the work of a secret admirer; they prefer the label stalker"


According to the book description of PIGEON DROP, "Two petty grifters unknowingly scam the son of a Mafia don. In order to save face, the wiseguy wont rest until he punishes those involved. Rochester Roc Pallazo and Anando Adams grew up like brothers, living off the trade Rocs father, Vince, passed on to them. Conning people is a tough way of life, but pays the bills. Thinking the next big con is just around the corner keeps them at it. When Roc and Anando pull off a con making them more than twelve grand for an hours work, Roc learns the man they scammed is Anthony DeFranko, and panics. Anthony is Abelo DeFrankos son. Abelo is a Mafia don, and an old friend of the Pallazo family. DeFranko's all about saving face ... and in order to do so, he sets out to kill the con artists responsible for his humiliation."


According to the book description of CONVICTED, "Best-selling mystery author, Noah Fuller, shocks his readers when he announces that hell only be writing mysteries with a Christian theme from now on. When angry letters are sent to the publisher, his agent and even to his house, Fuller is certain the storm will pass. But when his four-year-old son is abducted from a grocery store parking lot, the police suspect the authors fans are more than just fanatical. In an attempt to employ his fame, Fuller utilizes the media to generate a nationwide search for his son. However, the police investigation uncovers a dark secret about Fullers past that threatens to kill his new writing career, his marriage and the very life of his son."

According to the book description of Pulse of Evil, "Joey Rossi cannot find comfort locked away in the psychiatric wing of a hospital. It's only a matter of time before the things outside find and come for him. Why wouldn't they keep looking? Rossi knew who they really were, and caused them far too much trouble to ever be forgiven...or forgotten. After listening to confession, Father Daly contacts the Vatican. There is no other option. If what Rossi confided was true, then vampires run rampant within the boundaries of his parish. Although a situation Daly is not prepared to handle on his own, he knows for certain that the Pope, and the Pope's before, have always kept a pulse on evil, battling supernatural enemy forces for as long as they've lead the church. Not your average clergy, Cardinal David Bonsignore heads the militia-style team of priests and nuns commissioned by the Pope to hunt down and terminate the undead."


According to the book description of Johnny Blade, "When a whoring, violent drunk loses everything--his job, his wife, his kids and his home--he quickly becomes enraged, and vengeful. He focuses his energy on killing prostitutes. When a college graduate winds up with a job on the citys newspaper writing obituaries, it does not take much for him to spot opportunity. Taking a part-time job as a cook at a diner where the victimized hookers hung out, the journalist gets close to those closest to the murders. The journalist falls in love with one of the prostitutes, turning his world upside-down. When Johnny Blade takes this particular streetwalker for a ride, it is up to the journalist to save her life."

According to the book description of Third Ring, "Private Investigator, Nicholas Tartaglia, is back. Two men burglarize the home of the city's most prominent CEO, searching for a mystical book. They are discovered in the midst of the crime by a family member and in the chaos, one of the burglars winds up dead. So does the CEOs only son. When Tartaglia receives a call defense attorney Lynn Scannella, an old friend, he learns that she has just been assigned to represent the man accused of the burglary and murder. With time being of the essence, Scannella needs Tartaglia's help investigating the circumstances in order to establish a defense for her client. In a desperate search for answers, Tartaglia finds himself submerged in a raging river of deception and witchcraft. It quickly becomes apparent that getting a man out of jail might be the least of Tartaglia's concerns as he uncovers an underworld consumed by the use of black magic . . . and a plot that scares the hell out of him."

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