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Cliff Lindquist

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Cliff Lindquist has “worked in the law enforcement field for over 15 years to include; Federal and County Park Ranger, Animal Control Officer, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, Seasonal with Fish & Game, and Fish & Wildlife. He is a former US Marine who has both an AA degree in Administration of Justice, BS in Criminal Justice Cliff Lundquist has completed the Dale Carnegie course in San Diego.  He is a licensed Private Investigator for the past eleven years & operates out of Escondido, California. Cliff Lundquist is the author of How To Operate a Home Based Business as a Mystery Shopper or as a Video Mystery Shopper.”

According to the book description of How to Operate a Home Based Business as a Mystery Shopper, “It is sectioned in two parts: Part 1 deals with Mystery Shopping. Such things included are: How to find certified mystery shopping companies in your area; How to apply for jobs; How to complete job application forms; Qualifications required to be a shopper; Samples of mystery shops provided; Tips on operating a home based mystery shopping business

Part 2 deals with Video Mystery Shopping. Such things included are: Emphasis is on how both kinds of shops intertwine with each other; Legal waivers for the client; Employee acknowledgement and permission form; Subcontractor form; Partnership agreement; CD of downloadable, usable forms; Tips on operating your own home based video shopping business; Plus, a variety of different shops are outlined for you and a new chapter on maintaining your covert status as a shopper. Included also are:  Tips on how to get clients; Identifying the kind of equipment needed to do video mystery shops; Tips on how to use a cover letter; Q & A to help educate your client on video shopping and what you can offer them.”


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