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Colma Police Department (California)

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Bruce Tognetti

About the Colma Police Department

The Town of Colma (California) is located on the San Francisco peninsula.  With a population of just over 1800, Colma is “best known for its 17 cemeteries which comprise approximately 73% of the town's land area. The Town incorporated in 1924 primarily to protect this land use. Colma's cemeteries represent numerous religious beliefs and nationalities, and include structures and districts which are historically significant on local, state and national levels.”


According to a hiring brochure, “the mission of the Colma Police Department is to provide professional community-oriented policing. Service delivery is tailored to the unique demands of a community with a small-town atmosphere and a large weekend and evening business population. Police Officers are assigned to answer calls for the protection of life and property and for the enforcement of State and local laws. Police Officers conduct investigations of crimes and arrest suspects; investigate traffic accidents and enforce traffic laws; present evidence in court and interview complainants. Initially, Police Officers are assigned to the Department’s Field Training Program in which they receive field training from an experienced Police Officer”

Selected book from a Colma Police Department law enforcement official.

A strategy for addressing illegal youth gang activities by a mid-size police department
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