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Concord Police Department (California)

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Robert M. Shusta

About the Concord Police Department

The Concord Police Department has an authorized strength of 160 sworn police officers, 66 non-sworn full-time employees, 48 part-time personnel and approximately 65 volunteers.  The Concord Police Department is organized into the Office of the Chief of Police, Administrative Services, Field Operations and Support Operations.


The Administrative Services of the Concord Police Department support and maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the Police Department by maintaining a qualified work force, responding to requests for materials and deficiencies in the department facility and vehicle fleet, providing dispatch services, developing and monitoring the department budget and providing for the exchange of meaningful information to individuals inside and outside the department.


The Field Operations of the Concord Police Department provide effective and efficient police services to the City of Concord 24 hours a day, including protection of life and property, maintenance of order, investigation of criminal events, prevention of crime, orderly flow and parking of vehicles in the City, field evidence collection, support services for all emergency communications between department and community, and delivery of a myriad of assigned municipal services.


The Support Operations of the Concord Police Department provide essential support services efficiently and effectively for line operations of the Department including Records Management, Property and Evidence, Youth Services, and Investigations.

The Concord Police Department also maintains a Professional Standards Unit which is responsible for initiating, investigating and concluding investigations of alleged misconduct in a timely and expedient manner, based on complaints made internally or externally to the police department. The Professional Standards Unit is comprised of a Sergeant who answers directly to the Chief of Police. Any complaints received by the PSU are screened by the Chief of Police and assigned for investigation. Upon conclusion, the Chief of Police and the affected employee's Division Commander review all investigations.



Selected book from a Concord Police Department police officer.

Multicultural Law Enforcement: Strategies for Peacekeeping in a Diverse Society (4th Edition)
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