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Conrad Jensen

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26 Years on the Losing Side
Conrad Jensen  More Info

From the History of the New York Police Department 

Your Memorialists therefore pray that provision b made by law for the disposal of the property so remaining in the aid office unclaimed, at the expiration of every six months, and that the proceeds thereof may be paid into the Treasury, and an established salary, in addition to the existing fees, may be allowed out of the public Treasury to such Constables and Marshals as the Police Magistrates may select, on account of their vigilance and fidelity, to attend at the said office, and execute their commands."

Conrad Jensen is a retired inspector from the New York Police Department.  He is the author of the 1964 work, Twenty-six Years on the Losing Side.  The book is an account of the social problems of the day from a Christian perspective.  Chapters include: Justice; Thou Shalt Not Kill; Gambling; Strong Drink; Corruption; Juvenile Delinquency; Degeneracy; Responsibility; A Losing Fight; Marching Saints; What the Bible Says About Policemen, What is a Cop?  Among the quotes from his book is, “God grant that we who fall into the category of policeman, might recognize our God given opportunity to help the helpless, defend the defenseless and bring to justice those who turn their backs on God and country and live by their own code.”

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