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To be a caring cop, they're asked to do it all.

To be as wise as St Peter and St Paul.


They're asked to climb a twenty foot tree and

rescue a cat or a boy of only three.


Or stop and fix a stalled car on a busy street,

And document the story of a stolen car seat.


They're called upon to console the family that

just lost a loved one, sometimes  from drinking

and driving which never should be done.


Asked to be professional and show little emotion

At the scene of an accident amid lots of commotion.


They sometimes get spit upon and cursed, but must

remain cool, because they are professional Cops and

must remain cool, never looking like a fool.


So dear citizens when they need your help  and come

to your house, don't make them feel like  simply a louse.


A good Cop is the best friend you could have, and they

only want to keep you safe.


About the Author

Margaret S. Hood is a writer from Durham, NC.   She is a retired Teacher from the SP Schools program and loves writing poetry for family, friends and neighbors. Her love of music was inherited from her family, and she enjoys playing the piano for those who request services at various functions. Her love of English Literature in grade school was very instrumental in forming her language arts skills then and now. She can be reached at margarethood@msn.com.

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