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Coral Gables Police Department (Florida)

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Robert Roots

About the Coral Gables Police Department:

As of 2005, the Coral Gables Police Department uniformed patrol division comprised of one Major, five Lieutenants, 13 sergeants and 98 police officers.  The patrol division handles routine police patrol, crime reporting, traffic enforcement and a variety of community service activities.  The Coral Gables Police Department also has a Special Patrol Section, created in January 2005, that centralizes many of its specialized, tactical and enforcement functions.  The Special Patrol Section includes, motorcycle police officers, accident investigations, bicycle patrol, marine patrol, K9, DUI enforcement, underwater recovery, special events and selective traffic enforcement.


The Coral Gables Police Department also has a Crisis Management Team that consists of their Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team and hostage/crisis negotiators.  In addition to responding to barricaded suspects and other dangerous situations, the Coral Gables Police Department Crisis Management Team, like most SWAT team configurations in the United States, participates in high-risk warrant services and other tactical incidents.


The Criminal Investigations Division of the Coral Gables Police Department is responsible for conducting in-depth investigations into crimes as well as other long-term criminal investigations.  In addition to having a relative standard “detective function” the Coral Gables Police Department has a Special Investigation Division that consists of three units: Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics.






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