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Costa Mesa Police Department (California)

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About the Costa Mesa Police Department

The Costa Mesa Police Department is organized into four divisions: Administration Technical Services; Field Operations; and, Support Services. The Administration Division is responsible for the department's overall direction and planning with input from other divisions, provides advice to the City Manager and City Council on public safety issues; directs the department budget and financial planning; oversees the department's Volunteer Program and Citizens Academy through the Crime Prevention/Community Relations Bureau; and coordinates press information distribution to the local media.


The Technical Services Division is responsible for the support functions in the department, including but not limited to Records, Crime Scene Investigation, Photographic Services, Training and Recruitment, Property and Evidence, Custody and Court Liaison Services, Building and Equipment Maintenance. This division is also responsible for all police department 24-hour computer related activities associated with the city's public safety computer system.


The Field Operations Division The Field Operations Division is responsible for Field Area Policing (Patrol) coordinating Community-Oriented Policing services; Gang and Special Enforcement; Crowd Control; Special Weapons and Tactics Squad; Traffic Enforcement; Contract and Special Event Policing; provides DARE services to local schools; and Animal Control services.


The Animal Control Section is responsible for the regulation, control, and prevention of rabies in the wild and domesticated animal population of the City. It is further responsible for the impoundment of animals found at large or unlicensed and the enforcement of those laws and ordinances applying to animals within the City.


Animal Control provides service to the community on a routine basis ten hours a day, with twenty-four-hour emergency service.


The Support Services Division is responsible for the Detective Bureau, which conducts follow-up investigations, prepares criminal matters for prosecution, and processes juvenile offenders. Support Services also provides helicopter patrol through participation in Airborne Law Enforcement (ABLE), and provides internal investigation services through the Professional Standards Unit.





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