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Craig Meissner

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Craig Meissner is a sergeant with the New York City Police Department.  He worked patrol, as a robber investigator, patrol sergeant and training officer.  Sergeant Craig Meissner has written extensively about officer safety issues and is the author of Disguised Weapons: The Law Enforcement Guide To Covert Guns, Knives, And Other Weapons.

From the History of the New York City Police Department 

There were four places of confinement in New York City: three for felons and one for debtors. These were: 1, the State Prison; 2, Penitentiary; 3, Bridewell; 4, Jail. The State prison, a south-east view of which is given in the accompanying cut, was "situated at Greenwich, about a mile and a half from the City hall, and occupying one of the most healthy and pleasant spots on the banks of the Hudson.' It was a strongly built structure, of the Doric order, and was constructed of free stone, the windows being grated with iron for security. It was two-sores high, of fifteen feet each, besides the basement, and had a slated roof. Rising from the centre there was a neat cupola, in which a bell was hung. The centre of the principal front, towards Washington Street, was projected and surmounted by a pediment, as was also the west front. The whole front measured two hundred and four feet in length, and there were four wings, which extended backwards towards the river. the building and yards covered four acres, and the whole as enclosed by a stone wall twenty-three feet high on the riverside, and fourteen feet in the front.

Disguised Weapons: The Law Enforcement Guide to Covert Guns, Knives, and Other Weapons
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