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Crosshairs on the Kill Zone: American Combat Snipers, Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom
Craig Roberts  More Info

Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza
Craig Roberts  More Info

The Medusa File: Secret Crimes and Coverups of the U. S. Government
Craig Roberts  More Info

One Shot One Kill: One Shot One Kill
Charles W. Sasser  More Info

The Walking Dead: A Marine's Story of Vietnam
Charles W. Sasser  More Info
JFK : The Dead Witnesses
Craig Roberts  More Info
Doorway to Hell: Disaster in Somalia
Ed Wheeler  More Info
The Dragunov Solution
Craig Roberts  More Info
COMBAT MEDIC - VIETNAM: They went to war to fight - For Life
Craig Roberts  More Info
Police Sniper: Police Sniper
Roberts  More Info
Craig Roberts  More Info

Craig Roberts landed in Vietnam in July 1965 as a rifleman with the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines. He was promoted to lance corporal but he was badly wounded at Da Nang and after eleven months in the country he was sent home. Roberts was transferred to the Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) and was discharged on 28 February, 1968.


Roberts joined the Tulsa Police Department in August, 1969. Two years later he joined the TAC Squad, which was Tulsa's first special operations team. Roberts was selected for his Vietnam combat experience and his training as a sniper and with explosives. He attended Bomb Disposal School in Dade County, Florida and was one of three department bomb technicians.


In 1978 Roberts transferred to Police Community Relations where he served for three years as one of the department's public relations officers, giving lectures to organizations and schools. By 1981 he had become the department's "Press Release Officer" and had extensive contact with reporters from the media, both print and television.


In 1982 Roberts transferred to the helicopter unit and became its maintenance director. He also served as one of Tulsa Police Department's patrol pilots. Roberts retired from the department in March, 1996.


Craig Roberts has written eleven books with titles like: “Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza,” “The Medusa File” and “Combat Medic – Vietnam: They went to war to fight – for life.”


According to the book description of Crosshairs on the Kill Zone: American Combat Snipers, Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom, “From the authors of the classic sniper chronicle One Shot-One Kill comes a new generation of true tales from some of the most expert and deadly marksmen in the world. Meet Adelbert Waldron II, whose 109 confirmed kills in Vietnam made him the most successful sniper in American military history, and Tom "Moose" Ferran, who coined the term "Fetch!", whereupon the infantry would retrieve the sniper's dead quarry. Also included are stories from snipers in Beirut, the Bosnian conflict, and both wars with Iraq -- including the feat of Sergeants Joshua Hamblin and Owen Mulder, who took down thirty-two enemy soldiers in a single day outside Baghdad in 2003.


The military sniper has evolved into one of the most dangerous and highly-skilled warrior professions. They suffer through weather, terrain, and enemy action, lay unmoving for days on end, and take out their targets with unerring accuracy -- proving that the deadliest weapon in any battle, anywhere in the world, is a single well-aimed shot.”

About the Tulsa Police Department 

The Tulsa Police Department is organized into three bureaus: Administration Bureau; Investigations Bureau; and, Operations Bureau.


Within the Operations Bureau of the Tulsa Police Department are the three geographic patrol Uniform Divisions (North, East and Southwest).   Within the Investigations bureau of the Tulsa Police Department is the Detective Division.  The Detective Division investigates crimes that have been reported to the Tulsa Police Department that did not result in an immediate arrest.  They follow up on cases that are to be prosecuted and continue the investigation prior to presenting the case and charges to the District Attorney's Office.  The Detective Division is divided into squads of investigators.  The Detective Division has a squad of seven detectives on duty overnight. The day to day operations of the Detective Division are directed by two captains.


The Special Operations Division is the home for many of the resources and specialized units within the Tulsa Police Dept. In addition to the Special Operations Team, SOD specialty squads include the K-9 Corps, Mounted Patrol, Air Support Unit, Bomb Squad, Airport Explosive Detector Canine Team, Motorcycles, Tulsa Police Reserve, Underwater Search and Recovery, Disaster Response Team, and Fleet Management.



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