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Lieutenant Dan Marcou, La Crosse Police Department (ret.) is “a highly decorated police officer after 33 years of service. His awards include Police Officer of the Year and The Association of SWAT Personnel SWAT Officer of the year. He has applied most of what he teaches with success on the street. He has been a police trainer for 31 years. He has taught locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to law enforcement officers and his highly regarded by all in attendance.” Lieutenant Dan Marcou is the author of S.W.A.T.: Blue Knights in Black Armor,  The Calling: The Making of a Veteran Cop, Destiny of Heroes and Law Dogs: Great Cops in American History.

According to the book description of Law Dogs: Great Cops in American History, "Law Dogs presents more than thirty real-life stories about law officers who have distinguished themselves by going above and beyond the call of duty. From Texas Rangers to US Deputy Marshalls, FBI agents to local law enforcement officers, Retired Police Officer Lt. Dan Marcou has meticulously researched each heroic figure to separate fact from fiction delivering an action-packed history of law enforcement dating from the American Old West to Gangster Era policing, to the present day."

According to the book description of Destiny of Heroes, “This is a novel for our times following two warriors on separate paths destined to intersect. When John Savage joins the military after 9/11, he never expects his path to intertwine with a dangerous jihadist, but when his Airborne Ranger unit is ambushed by insurgents, John comes face to face with a wanted Al Quaeda operative known as The Queen of Hearts. Both escape the battle unscathed. Savage returns home to become a police officer in the Midwest. The Queen of Hearts, determined to kill but not die for Allah, is sent to the United States to slaughter a significant target. Their paths cross again, leading John to team up with the FBI in their nationwide search for the terrorist. As they race towards their target, one seeks infamy while the other finds his destiny the Destiny of Heroes.”

According to the book description of S.W.A.T.: Blue Knights in Black Armor, “This highly charged and entertaining novel will give the reader a sustained look inside the word of SWAT. SWAT operators are modern knights, who strive to be the best of the best, and are called upon 24-7 to strap on their black armor and venture calmly into places others run screaming out of. Officer Dan McCarthy, Sergeant Dave Compton, Randy Stammos, Gary Carpenter and the incorrigible Stanley Brockman will meet a variety of deadly challenges as well as a determined and especially vicious adversary, Harley David Slade, who has taken the term “War on Drugs” literally. You will be introduced to the courageous SWAT Officer Maddy Brown who, along with her fellow SWAT team members, will be physically and emotionally tested to the limits in this second book in the McCarthy series. Open the book, take a deep breath and read the police novel that real cops read.”

According to the book description of The Calling: The Making of a Veteran Cop, “The Calling is an action-packed drama that takes you through the first five years of the career of an American cop. You will get to know Dan McCarthy, who wants to be a cop for all the right reasons. You will ride along with McCarthy as he saves lives, catches bad guys, and tries to survive long enough to become a "veteran." McCarthy is a fictional cop in the fictional city of La Claire, Wisconsin. You will navigate the streets of La Claire with McCarthy and his colorful beat partners, Stammos, Carpenter, Dooley, Sgt. Compton, and the incorrigible Stanley Brockman.

Get ready for a realistic tour of what policemen do all over this country twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Strap on your duty belt and buckle your seat belt. It's gonna be one helluva ride!”


One reader of The Calling: The Making of a Veteran Cop said, “"The Calling" is a great read that will appeal to new and older cops alike. The writer's style is simple and easy to read. The action is realistic and believable. As a police instructor, I'm using "The Calling" as a must read for my recruits.”





About La Crosse Police Department

The La Crosse Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency organized into Field Service, Investigative Services, Community Services and Administrative Services. According to the La Crosse Police Department, “The Administrative Services Bureau includes the separate divisions of Records and Inquiry, Training, Communication, Court Services, Civilian Services, Parking Utility, Research, Property and Evidence. The Bureau is responsible for the accounting payroll, purchasing, planning, budgeting, reporting, communications and most other tasks that involve personnel or monies.


The Community Services Bureau is primarily responsible for community crime prevention education, news media relations, and school safety programming. They also provide staff and logistical support to the Patrol and Investigation Bureaus. Additionally, the Community Services Bureau is the administering bureau for the majority of grants in the Department. In 2006, the Community Services Bureau administered federal and state grants totaling over $350,000 which included such grants as the Justice Assistance Grant; Bullet Proof Vest Partnership Grant; G.R.E.A.T. Local; G.R.E.A.T. Regional; Volunteers in Police Service Grant; Anti-Stalking Grant as well as various Department of Transportation grants.


The Investigative Services Bureau is responsible for follow-up on all criminal cases initiated in the Field Services Bureau as well as those initiated by investigative staff. The Bureau is divided into three major divisions: general investigations, narcotics and juvenile crime and victimization. The Juvenile Division staff handles all juvenile related matters reported to the police department. The balance of the investigative staff is assigned to either general or narcotic investigations. All investigative sworn staff members are capable of performing specialized tasks, which allows considerable flexibility for follow-up on all types of criminal activity.


The field services bureau consists of three shifts; each commanded by a lieutenant and supervised by three sergeants, with support of a 4th shift of Alcohol, Compliance, and Enforcement (ACE) officers assisting with peak calls for service during the evening and early morning hours. Services provided include community policing, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, criminal investigation, special event public safety, honor guard duties and handling service-oriented calls with the public.”

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