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Daniel Byram, MA, is a retired police lieutenant from Mesa Police Department.  He has extensive experience in the fields of intelligence, covert operations, tactical operations, and training. He has over 15 years in post-secondary education experience including the private and community college sectors.

According to the book description of Homeland Security Principles, Planning, & Procedures, “This book introduces a broad, in-depth look at security planning and procedures. Students will learn to develop skills in interviewing and interrogation techniques, intelligence gathering, surveillances, perimeter and crime scene security, criminal evidence preservation and collection, and principles of crowd and riot control. Additional topics include threat assessment and response, and facility security and vulnerabilities. This text also helps students develop skills in substance abuse recognition, theft, sabotage and espionage. It also covers techniques for dealing with computer security, electronic criminal investigations, firewalls and security software as well as crime prevention techniques. Additional topics include crime prevention, security access control, and security force management.”

According to the book description of Narc in the Dark, “Retired police Lieutenant Dan Byram has pulled his .45 and kicked down the door of the Arizona book scene. His new novel NARC IN THE DARK is a hilarious look at the world of Arizona politics, undercover operations, and crime. Under cover unit commander Frank Bailey and sex crimes detective Denise Downey track an internet child predator. Their efforts are thwarted by headline grabbing politicians who interpret a minor vandalism incident as a terrorist attack on their unpopular smoking ban. Like real-life police work, this book thrusts the reader from tears, to laughter, to fear as officers dodge politics to get the job done!”

Steve Benson said of Narc in the Dark, “Enjoy the read and the bleed! His writing crackles with the wicked wit of one who has survived and thrived as a cop, revealing a sense of street smarts that only comes from a life in the belly of the beast, slugging it out with society’s creeps and criminals. Who would want a crime fighter turned crime writer any other way?”

James J. Ness Ph.D. (Retired police chief) said of Narc in the Dark, “Narc in the Dark is a gritty, humorous and compelling drama of big city cops. Dan Byram writes from the heart and from experience of the street in a true Wambaugh fashion.”

According to the book description of Border of Vengeance, “Retired Arizona Peace Officer Dan Byram presents the first in a series of novels entitled Mason's Cavalry - Border of Vengeance. This book is a unique treat for the military history buff and western-adventure fan alike. Based on actual events occurring near Camp Harry Jones in Cochise County, Arizona circa 1910, Dan spins the tale of cavalry troopers, Buffalo Soldiers, Arizona Rangers and border outlaws in life or death conflict.

Colonel Mason commands a remote cavalry remount station in Douglas, Arizona. His boisterous Sergeant Bronk McGuillicotty, arrogant young Second Lieutenant Cleary and former Texas cowhand turned trooper Frank Boothe embark on a dangerous manhunt for the killer 'El Cuchillo' and his so called revolutionary army. Aided by Arizona Ranger Peterson, the manhunt becomes a fight for survival as outlaw bands rally for an invasion of Douglas, Arizona.

Bob Boze Bell (Western author and artist) said of Border of Vengeance, “Mighty fine work, Dan Byram. Reading this book inspires me to drive down to Cochise County and see that historic country with new eyes. A Good western read!”

Mason Coggins (Director of Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources and Award winning cowboy poet) said of Border of Vengeance, “See how Rough Rider veterans bought law and order to the Territory of Arizona!”

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security principles,Planning and Procedures-Homeland Security Series
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Border of Vengeance (Mason's cavalry)
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Daniel Byram  More Info

About the Mesa Police Department 

The Mesa Police Department is a full service police department entrusted with providing police and municipal security services for the City of Mesa, the third largest city in

Arizona. In Morgan Quitno’s “City Crime Rankings,” 13th Edition (2005 data) of cities with a population over 75,000, Mesa was ranked 191 out of 371 on the safest cities list.


In 2007 the Mesa Police Department, under the direction of a new chief of police, began a process of reorganization.  “The new reorganization divided the department by function into the Office of Operations and the Office of Support Services. It also built in a higher level of accountability for commanders and supervisors, because they now control most of the resources necessary to fight crime or support the crime-fighting mission. Under the reorganization, most detectives were redeployed from centralized units to the four geographical stations. This not only allowed detectives to work alongside patrol officers in their crime-fighting efforts, but allowed detectives to have more interaction with the community.


Changes also occurred in the Office of Support Services. Most notable was the appointment of two civilians to the rank of commander in the Financial Services and Technical Services Divisions.  The Emergency Services Division was created to improve emergency preparedness and the department’s ability to identify and respond to terrorism or large scale events. Under the direction of a commander who reports directly the chief of police, the Emergency Services Division of the Mesa Police Department also provides effective emergency planning.  The Emergency Services Division of the Mesa Police Department’s Counterterrorism Unit monitors and develops intelligence information and liaisons with state and federal agencies on terrorism issues.


The reorganization of the department was a monumental step in a shift of culture within the organization that will have a substantial impact on how department employees carry out their crime-fighting mission in the future. COMPSTAT and other management systems will provide insight into whether additional changes or refinements are necessary.”



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