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Daniel B. Silver

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Daniel B. Silver, Francisco Police Department is currently assigned to Company G and conducts investigations into gang related crimes.  Daniel B. Silver is the author of Cop: A Novel.

According to the book description of Cop: A Novel, “Author and law enforcement officer Daniel Silver tells the story of a tattooed punk rocker turned rookie San Francisco policeman, Dougie Cohen. In his first year on the job, the stresses, horrors and frustrations, Dougie encounters take their toll on his patience, health, sanity and love life. Dougie struggles with night terrors, addiction, disease and the loss of his former self to his new police persona. Dougie is on a collision course with the reality of urban law enforcement. He'll either break, or accept the fundamentals of what it means to be a real



One reader of Cop: A Novel said, “Considering that every police academy class consists mainly of men and women in their twenties, it seems logical that each crop of recruits comes with a cultural influence of its own. And when the rookie is of the Southern California-punker-liberal persuasion, you can expect a totally non-NYPD Blue flavor to the radio car banter on patrol.  This is a book about a Star-Wars-nerdy, Ramones-listening, tattooed San Francisco Police Academy candidate who has an affinity for Mel Brooks movies and comic books. The resulting flavor of Cop - A Novel is humorous, sarcastic, and irreverent. The experiences of Dougie Cohen are funny, engaging, frightening and enlightening. The psychological effects of being a new police officer in a gang ridden yet ultra liberal city provide for a story that is as frustrating as it is fascinating.  If you like tv shows like the Wire, Rescue Me and Southland, you will love this book.”


One reader of Cop: A Novel said, “Realistic, insightful, touching, humorous and extremely entertaining. Exposes segments of our society that few know exist. Brings to light what city police deal with on a daily basis in the streets; no grand criminal conspiracies, just real life. Exceptionally talented new author with an intriguing writing style. A must read!”


About the San Francisco Police Department

On August 13 the council selected Malachi Fallon as San Francisco's first Captain (Chief) of Police. Fallon in turn appointed a deputy captain, three sergeants and 30 officers to comprise the first regular municipal police department in American San Francisco. Today, the San Francisco Police Department is a large metropolitan police department which is organized into four bureaus: Administration, Field Operations, Investigations and Airport.

The Administration Bureau provides support for the other bureaus of the San Francisco Police Department and is frequently the liaison with other city agencies as well as the Board of Supervisors.  The Administration Bureau of the San Francisco Police Department has a number of units and divisions: Behavioral Science Unit, Staff Services Division, Fiscal Division, Support Services Division, Planning Division, Technology Division, Risk Management, and the Training and Education Division.

The Field Operations Bureau contains the Headquarters, fugitive Recovery Enforcement Team, Metro Division, Golden Gate Division, Homeland Security Unit, Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving and Traffic Company.  The Investigative Bureau is organized into five divisions by crime or specialty: Forensic Services, Property Crimes, Personal Crimes, Juvenile and Family Services and Narcotics and Vice. 


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