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The airport affair
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Toma: the compassionate cop,
David Toma  More Info
Toma tells it Straight
David Toma  More Info
Turning Your Life Around: David Toma's Guide for Teenagers
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The Affair of the Unhappy Hooker (Toma #3)
David and Pearl, Jack Toma  More Info

About the Newark Police Department

The Newark Police Department has two primary divisions and several important bureaus.  The Patrol Division and the Detective Division are the largest organizational entities within the Newark Police Department.  The Patrol Division, the largest, is organized into four police district commands and a Tactical Patrol Bureau.


The Detective Division of the Newark Police Department is organized into four components: Major Crimes Bureau; General Investigations; Narcotics; and the Property and Evidence Bureau.  The Bureaus of the Newark Police Department include: Records and Communications Bureau; Special Operations Bureau, Youth and Community Services Bureau; and, the Internal Affairs Bureau.

According to IMBD, "Toma" was based on the real-life exploits of Newark, New Jersey narcotics detective Dave Toma, who in the late 1960's and early 70's, made a name for himself by using unorthodox techniques to get the goods on criminals. He would often dress up as a nun, rabbi, homeless person or any other average citizen in order to blend in and get the drop on pushers.


This TV series started off with good intentions and was a hard-hitting, realistic urban police drama. But star Tony Musante was worried it was going to go the route of every other cop show and just become formulaic. When he pushed for creative changes, producers pushed back and the show ended after just one season. The concept re-emerged the following year as "Beretta" starring Robert Blake.”  Toma authored two books, “Toma: The Compassionate Cop” and “Airport Affair.”

According to the book description of Turning Your Life Around: David Toma's Guide for Teenagers, “The former vice detective turned inspirational teen speaker presents the hard facts about drugs and alcohol, suicidal feelings, self-hatred and depression, anorexia and bulimia, and many other common teen concerns.”

Publisher’s Weekly said of Turning Your Life Around: David Toma's Guide for Teenagers, “Ex-narcotics detective, anti-drugs speaker and actor Toma has drawn upon his thousands of hours on the front to put together a useful, informative self-help manual. The book consists mostly of extensive fill-in questionnaires; those motivated to systemically follow through with them may well gain substantial insight. Topics include parents, depression, drugs, suicide, Satanism, self-hatred, seeking healing through closeness to God. Typical fill-ins include: "The advice I have for myself about tomorrow is . . ."; "The best/worst memories I have of my mother/father are . . ." When telling a story, Toma asks, "Is there anything you can identify with?" Using methods that suggest those of a wise therapist, he advises thoughtful looks at past influences on the present and builds readers' confidence as they go along. The philosophy is sound and encouraging, and Toma concludes with a reassuring list of 50 ways "to start living a new life.”

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