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Lieutenant David Faulkner has over twenty years of law enforcement experience. He has served as a patrol officer, K-9 officer, traffic officer, filed training officer, detective, Multiple Enforcement Team (M.E.T.) Unit supervisor, traffic detective and field sergeant. He has a degree in criminal justice and is currently employed as a full-time Police officer with the Fontana Police Department in California. He teaches Basic and Intermediate Traffic Accident Investigation course for the San Bernardino County Advanced Officer Training Center. Lieutenant David Faulkner is the author of Collision Investigation for the Patrol Officer.

According to the book Collision Investigation for the Patrol Officer, “This book is designed to familiarize students and officers with the fundamentals of collision investigation. The information coincides with the Basic Collision Investigation Course. The calculation and mathematical formulas are recognized widely in the collision reconstruction community. The collision scenarios have all been compiled from real life events and cases. The author’s intent is to assist students and officers in the basics of this field of expertise.”

Collison investigation for the patrol officer
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About the Fontana Police Department

The Fontana Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency comprised of nearly 300 sworn and non-sworn personnel.  The department is organized along typical lines with an Administrative Services Division, Patrol Unit and Investigations Unit.  According Fontana Police Department, “The Administrative Services Division’s primary mission is to provide support services to the Field and Special Operations Divisions. This mission is primarily accomplished through civilian employees who provide such support functions as hiring of personnel, purchasing, property/evidence, planning and research, training, payroll, internal affairs, risk management, dispatch, reports, budget, records, fleet and facility maintenance, grants and special funding.

The Patrol Unit is the largest and most visible unit within the Police Department and provides round the clock protection and service to the community. The Unit is normally the first point of contact for law enforcement with the public, and has the primary function of enforcing all laws, investigating crimes, apprehending criminals and working towards preventing crime from occurring. The Patrol Unit handles a wide variety of situations such as looking for a lost child, ensuring traffic flows safely, and handling disputes.

The Investigations Unit has the primary responsibility for conducting in-depth criminal investigations that are too complex or time consuming for the Patrol unit to handle or that require highly specialized attention. The unit investigates both reported and unreported crime. Investigators identify and arrest criminal suspects and prepare cases for successful prosecution in the court system.”

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