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David W. Moran

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About the Massachusetts State Police

The Massachusetts State Police was created in 1865, making it the oldest statewide law enforcement agency in the nation. Today, the department is comprised of 2,300 sworn officers and 400 civilian personnel.  The Division of Field Services is the largest division with the Massachusetts State Police.  It is organized into Troops; A through E.  First organized in 1921, the Division of Field Services consists of over 1500 state troopers.

David W. Moran was a trooper for the Massachusetts State Police Department for over twenty years.  A former college athlete, he holds graduate degrees from the Rockefeller School, the State University of New York and the Blake Law Center at Western New England College.  Now an attorney, David W. Moran is now a member of the state and federal bar and practices law in Somerville, Massachusetts.  His book is entitled Trooper.  According to one Amazon reader/review, “This book is a great lazy afternoon read.  If you have an interest in Law Enforcement, the author does a wonderful job of describing "anything could happen" events in the world of Trooperdom. An easy-to-follow, straight from the heart book.”

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