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Shadows On The Soul
David Swords  More Info

About the Springfield Police Department

The Springfield Police Department is organized into three entities each commanded by a captain: Investigations; Patrol and Staff Services.  In the 2007 Annual Report, the Springfield Police Department, Chief of Police said, “2007 marked the 140th anniversary of the Springfield Police Division (1867-2007) and contained in this report are numerous historical photos from the Division’s history. This report also provides a summary of the activities and accomplishments of the division.

The Police Division responded to 63,113 calls for police service in 2007 and there were another 14,832 officer initiated calls for a grand total of 77,945 calls for service. Our busiest hour each day, on average, was from 5 pm to 6 pm. Our quietest- 6 am to 7 am. For the fourth year in a row we have seen a decline in all calls for service. Calls for service were down 2.25% from 2006. Theft and burglary were the two most reported crimes in 2007 for the fifth consecutive year.”

David Swords is a retired Police Lieutenant, having served thirty years with the Springfield Police Department (Ohio).  Nearly half of his police career was spent as an investigator, working on cases ranging from simple vandalisms to armed robberies and murders.  His varied experience has given him a unique understanding of human nature; an understanding that brings the characters of “Shadows on the Soul” to life in the mind of the reader.


In David Swords’ book his proposes the questions what would have happened in the Nazis had won and the United States was occupied terrority.  According to his book description, “the story takes you with John as he tries his best to live a normal life as a government official in the 1960’s America that might have been - Nazi occupied America.  John’s normal life is disrupted as he reluctantly helps a prisoner who has escaped from a labor camp; a man imprisoned for no crime, except the color of his skin.”

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