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Del Gibson had a circus act at age fifteen, hitchhiked through forty of the lower 48 states at sixteen, and was a homicide detective with the Kansas City Police Department (Missouri). A graduate of Central Missouri State University with an M.S. degree in Criminology, he trained National Police in the Republic of Marshall Islands and was a counter-intelligence investigator for the U.S. Department of Defense in the South Pacific. He has also taught criminology in several colleges and universities.   


Del Gibson is the author of the thriller False Sanctuary.  According to the book description, “Newly divorced, Kelly Garrison moves to Newton, Colorado, to start a new life. A former policeman, Kelly is hired by the Newton police department. Kelly is befriended by long- time resident, Joel Carson, who is a retired miner and also mayor of Newton. Then Kelly falls in love with Joel’s granddaughter just before stumbling upon a huge drug money laundering operation conducted through the bank where Joel is the major stockholder. The drug cartel attempts to kill Kelly for investigating the laundering operation. Is Joel, Kelly’s new friend, part of the operation? Who in Newton can Kelly trust?”

One reader of False Sanctuary said, “This book is a must have addition to your fiction collection. Mr. Gibson does a wonderful job of character development. The Characters really grow to a point where you feel like you know them on a personal basis. The plot twist and turns and leads to some rather unexpected events. It is rumored that there is to be a sequel - I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Great job Mr. Gibson. I look forward to your next work.”

False Sanctuary
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