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Pocket Partner
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According to the book description of the Pocket Partner, it “has a proven track record in sales and has received many favorable reviews. The 1st Edition was released in 1998 and is now out of print. This 2nd Edition reflects the changes in the 2000 version of the North American Emergency Response Guide in the Hazmat section, plus many more changes and additions.”

According to one user of the Pocket Partner, “For the past year, I've kept a copy of Pocket Ref in my desk drawer at work. I refer to it at least once a week, and I've given two copies as gifts to co-workers who kept borrowing my copy. When I learned that a law-enforcement version was available, I searched high and low trying to find a copy. I should have come to Amazon.com first... Pocket Partner is a terrific resource for anyone needing a concise guide to investigation, contacts in law enforcement, or HazMat information. Everyone who works in the field should have a copy handy. While it might not offer the depth of information on a particular topic that other books do, the Pocket Partner in your glove box when you need it is still much better than the tome sitting on a shelf back at your office.”

Dennis Evers is a 12-year veteran police officer. He has a degree in Criminology from Grossmont College and has completed dozens of additional specialty courses. He was a Field Training Officer for 8 years, an Academy Instructor for 8 years, an officer for the Navajo County Sheriffs Dept. for 9 years and Chief of Police, Taylor, Arizona for 3 years. He is currently an author and consultant.


Used by individuals, policemen, firemen, paramedics, doctors, the military, government and large and small businesses alike, the Pocket Partner has well indexed protocols, checklists and contacts for virtually every conceivable emergency. It features a comprehensive illustrated first aid chapter with poison control numbers. It contains self-protective measures for suspicious mail, bomb threats, suicide bombers, car bombs, radiological, biological and toxicological weapons, a full Haz Mat guide, over a thousand emergency phone numbers, hurricane, tornado and earthquake scales and much more. Every concerned first responder, citizen, professional, school and business should have one. In the event of an accident, major terrorist attack or weather related catastrophe, emergency services may not be available, forcing most to rely on their own resources

About the Snowflake Taylor Police Department

The Snowflake-Taylor Police Department is located at 602 S. Main Street in Snowflake, Arizona.  The department services the communities of Snowflake and Taylor, Arizona. Currently the department has 21 employees:  Five full time dispatchers, one administrative assistant / records clerk, one animal control officer and Fifteen full time certified police officers: Chief of Police, Lieutenant, Two Sergeants, One Detective, One Task Force Officer, One School Resource/DARE Officer, and Eight Patrol Officers.

The police department is considering options to improve and grow the department.  The Department’s focus is to progress with the needs of our growing communities.




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