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The origin of the British police lies in early tribal history and is based on customs for securing order through the medium of appointed representatives. In effect, the people were the police. The Saxons brought this system to England and improved and developed the organisation. This entailed the division of the people into groups of ten, called "tythings", with a tything-man as representative of each; and into larger groups, each of ten tythings, under a "hundred-man" who was responsible to the Shire-reeve

The task
                              of organising and designing the "New Police" was placed in the hands of Colonel Charles Rowan and Richard Mayne
                              (later Sir Richard Mayne}. These two Commissioners occupied a private house at 4, Whitehall Place, the back of which opened
                              on to a courtyard. The back premises of 4 Whitehall Place were used as a police station. It was this address that led to the
                              headquarters of the Metropolitan Police being known as Scotland Yard. The exact origin of the name is not clear and the following
                              two stories have both gained credence at various times

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Dennis McGowan

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Dennis McGowan recently retired as Chief of Operations for the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office in Atlanta, GA. He was Chief Investigator for the Medical Examiner's Office prior to this position. Dennis is an experienced medical-legal investigator and emergency response program manager. He was a firefighter in New England during the 1970's and worked in the New Jersey State Medical Examiner's Office through the 1980's. Dennis has over 25 years of fatality/mass fatality management experience and disaster mitigation planning, training and response including coordination of the mass fatality planning for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.


He has worked at numerous mass fatality incidents including Egypt Air in 1999, World Trade Center and American Airlines 587 in 2001. Dennis also participated in TopOff and TopOff 2 preparedness exercises. He has specialized training and experience in terrorism response and Weapons of Mass Destruction incident planning and mitigation. Dennis has authored a number of articles on mass fatality management and weapons of mass destruction. With his experience and knowledge, Dennis has traveled throughout the United States and internationally as a presenter and instructor.

A photograph of the book on Mass Casualty Management by civilian police personnel turned author, Dennis McGowan.
Click the photograph for more information on Mass Casualty Management.


This book is designed to introduce the concepts involved in planning for and managing a mass casualty and/or a mass fatality incident from the local to regional to national perspectives. Topics include natural, accidental and intentional events, analyzing local resources, and how to request and receive additional resources.

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