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Tactical Attitude
Phil L. Duran  More Info

About the Village of West Milwaukee Police Department

The Village of West Milwaukee Police Department has 17 sworn personnel, 3 full-time clerk/dispatchers and 7 part-time clerk/dispatchers The department provides 24-hour police coverage that includes; its own communications and 911 public safety answering point; regular patrol; crime prevention; canine patrol; DARE officer; and, middle school liaison officer.

In February 2007, Dennis Nasci joined the Village of West Milwaukee Police Department (Wisconsin) as its first assistant chief of police.  Assistant Chief Dennis Nasci began his law enforcement career in 1981 as a deputy sheriff with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department (New Mexico). He retired in 2002 at the rank of lieutenant. Moving to Wisconsin, he was appointed lieutenant and second-in-command of the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Police Department.  Dennis Nasci holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Wayland Baptist University in Albuquerque, New Mexico and graduated from the 190th session of the FBI National Academy. He possesses numerous police instructor certifications and is the co-author of Tactical Attitude.


According to one reader/review of Tactical Attitude, “This book is about surviving a deadly encounter, mainly at the mental perspective. The book covers such topics as command presence, mental rehearsal, off-duty survival, sudden stress syndrome, and many others. Almost half of the text is real-life stories told by cops. This makes the book an interesting read.  The most interesting chapter tells about sudden stress syndrome. This subject is handled in a more thorough manner than most other matters in the book, but there are books that cover that subject in far more exhaustive detail. The only really "new" thing to me in the book was the idea of tactical terminology: The words you use to describe something can affect your attitude toward it. For example, if you talk about "routine traffic stops", you start to act like all traffic stops really are routine and present no danger at all.”

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