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Dennis Zigrang

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Detective Dennis Zigrang, Long Beach Police Department, is a twenty year veteran of law enforcement who has worked patrol, special enforcement, bike patrol, vice, burglary and arson.  Dennis Zigrang is the author of Vice and Vengeance: Travis Jensen.

According to the book description of Vice and Vengeance: Travis Jensen, “Prostitutes, alcohol, and lurid sexual trysts are all in a days work for Detective Travis Jensen of the Vice Squad. He spends his nights searching the streets of Long Beach, California for some of the most desperate and bizarre criminals the city has to offer. Undercover work had trained him to think on his feet, but nothing could prepare him for her. When Jennifer Bennett strolled into his life, the lines between reality and fantasy vanished as Travis immersed himself in the biggest case of his career. What started as a simple arrest soon hurled the close-knit squad into the violent world of street prostitution and narcotics. Relying on his more than two decades in law enforcement, author Dennis Zigrang introduces readers to a rarely seen side of police work in his first novel VICE AND VENGEANCE. This small group of undercover detectives is charged with discreetly dealing with the moral ills that plague civilized society. Often on their own, they have to use their cunning and wits to blend in with the fringe elements that roam the streets of Long Beach.”

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