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Alphabetical Listing of Law Enforcement Agencies - Letter W

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This is an alphabetical listing of departments who employ state and local law enforcement officials who have authored books.  You can also view the list of law enforcement agencies by state, here.

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Waltham Police Department
Walton County Sheriff's Office
Warm Springs Tribal Police
Washakie County Sheriff's Department
Washington County Sheriff's Office
Washington Parish Sheriff's Office
Washoe County Sheriff's Office
Wellfleet Police Department
Westbrook Police Department
Westminster Police Department
West Virginia State Police
Wexford County Sheriff's Office
Wheat Ridge Police Department
Wichita Police Department
Wichita Falls Police Department
Williamsons County Sheriff's Office
Willow Springs Police Department
Wilmington Police Department
Wilton Manors Police Department
Winnebago County Sheriff's Office
Winter Park Police Department
Woodlawn Police Department
Wyoming County Sheriff's Office
Wyoming Highway Patrol

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