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Snipercraft: The Art of Police Sniping
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Staring at the Crosshairs
Derrick Bartlett  More Info

About the Fort Lauderdale Police Department

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department serves the City of Fort Lauderdale, which is a diverse city, located in the heart of Broward County. Situated on the Atlantic Coast between Palm Beach and Miami, Fort Lauderdale encompasses an area of more than 33 square miles, has seven miles of beach, 165 miles of waterways and 3000 hours of sunshine. With a year round population of approximately 165,000, Fort Lauderdale is Florida’s seventh most populous city.


On March 27, 1911, Fort Lauderdale was incorporated as a town with a population of 250. One of the first actions taken by the newly formed town council was the appointment of Kossie A. Goodbread as the first City Marshall at a salary of $40.00 per month and $1.00 for each arrest.


The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has over 495 sworn and 240 civilian employees, the Department serves three police districts, which include residents and visitors of all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The Department is structured into three bureaus: Operations, Investigative Services, and Support Services. The department provides patrol, canine, mounted, bicycle, marine and many other forms of uniform services. In addition to other traditional services such as investigations and crime prevention, the Department provides a variety of special programs designed to encourage our partnership with our community.


The Department handles nearly 200,000 calls for service annually. In 2000, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department investigated over 14,000 Part I Crimes, issued more than 60,000 traffic citations and made nearly 14,000 arrests.




Derrick D. Bartlett is a sniper and trainer on the Fort Lauderdale Police Department SWAT Team. He has been a police officer for over twenty-five years. Twenty-two of those years he has been assigned to special operations teams. He is also the Managing Director of Snipercraft, Inc., which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and enhancement to police sniper skills. He has held sniper seminars and schools for more than 500 police agencies nationwide.  Derrick Bartlett is the author of Snipercraft: The Art of Police Sniping and Staring at the Crosshairs.


Russ Clagett of the US Army said of Starting at the Crosshairs, “Derrick Bartlett has made possibly the single greatest contribution to sniping that could have been made; he started us talking.  In addition to being an accomplished sniper himself, he has served as a teacher, author, and leader.  He cares deeply about sniping, and snipers. Our job is to save lives. By encouraging snipers to share information, and prepare ourselves for what may come, he has helped save careers, families, and lives. He is also an honorable man, and a good friend to snipers everywhere. Now he has raised the bar again.:


Richard Morey, Coordinator, Law Enforcement Programs, SFCC Criminal Justice Academy said of Staring at the Crosshairs, “Derrick’s contributions prove how one person can make a difference. He has made a difference, and, perhaps more importantly, he has instilled in others the desire to make a difference. He is passionate about training, and it shows in his teaching, and through his guidance. Today, snipers are a stronger community because of people like Derrick Bartlett.  Derrick has put the word “sniper” back in our job description, and we can be proud.”

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