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Des Plaines Police Department (Illinois)

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Joseph Kozenczak

About the Des Plaines Police Department

The primary objective of the Des Plaines Police Department is to provide twenty-four hour professional police service to the community, ensuring the protection of life and prosperity.  To accomplish this, the Department is divided into three divisions:  the Operations Division, Investigations, and the Support Services Division.


The Operations Division includes the Uniform Patrol Section which is responsible for patrolling in marked police vehicles; responding to all incidents requiring police service; enforcing the law; initiating criminal investigations; preserving the peace; investigating traffic accidents; enforcing traffic/truck laws and overseeing special events.


The Investigations Division is divided into three units:  Criminal Investigations, responsible for investigating adult crimes; Juvenile Investigations; and the Tactical Unit, responsible for investigating drug and gang related activity.


The Support Services Division includes the traffic/crime prevention section responsible for traffic enforcement, the special problems unit, and coordinating, planning crime prevention, and administering the Drug Awareness & Resistance Education (DARE) Program The Records Section, responsible for compiling all records, reports and statistics, and the Community Service Officer Section, responsible for responding to service calls not requiring a police officer, are also included in the Support Services Division.  The training section, Court Liaison Position, the Property/Evidence Room, and Vehicle Maintenance also comprise the Support Services Division.


It is the objective of the Des Plaines Police Department to work closely with the community to ensure a safe environment and enhance the quality of life for all citizens.





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