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Courtroom Survival
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California Criminal Procedure
Devallis Rutledge  More Info

PC 832 Concepts: Peace Officer Required Training
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The New Police Report Manual
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Criminal Investigations and Evidence: Constitutional Principles for Searches, Seizures, Interrogation & ID
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California Criminal Law Concepts, 2008 edition
Derald D. Hunt  More Info

The Search and Seizure Handbook
Devallis Rutledge  More Info

The Search and Seizure Handbook
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United States Search and Seizure Source Guide 2009
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Criminal Interrogation: Law and Tactics
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In 1968 Devallis Rutledge joined the Santa Ana Police Department where he served for two years.  In 1975, he completed law school and in 1976 joined the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor.  Since 2000, Devallis Rutledge has worked as private counsel in a law firm and as Special Counsel to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.  Devallis Rutledge is the author of eleven books: Criminal Investigations and Evidence; The New Police Report Manual; Courtroom Survival, The Officer's Guide to Better Testimony; The Search and Seizure Handbook; The Officer Survival Manual; Criminal Interrogation, Law and Tactics; California Criminal Procedure; California Criminal Law Concepts; The Search and Seizure Field Guide California Peace Officers Field Source guide; and, PC 832 Concepts.


According to the book description of Courtroom Survival, it “is essential for any communications or mock trail training. It explains how to present a winning case and avoid credibility-destroying tactics! Rutledge includes tested examples of winning techniques needed to become an expert at effective and comfortable testimony. Rutledge gives insight that only a police officer turned prosecutor can provide.”

According to the book description of California Criminal Procedure, “it prepares students in all of the law-related disciplines for their role in the California criminal justice system. It not only covers the general concepts, constitutional principles, and universal procedures applicable throughout the American system, but also the particular aspects of applied procedure in California. For ease of teaching and learning, the material is presented in a concise, straightforward manner, with frequent citation to statute, case law, or other sources, and direct quotations where appropriate.”


According to the book description, Devallis Rutledge, “combines the legal analysis of a prosecuting attorney with the practical experience of a former police officer. He offers dozens of tactical tips in plain talk. Criminal Interrogation covers every aspect of Miranda. Rutledge makes sense of Supreme Court decision issues, while convincingly dispelling many "Miranda myths" that have haunted officers for years. This text is an excellent supplemental reader to expand on the topic of interrogation. Your students will come away with a superior understanding of this difficult art.”


According to the book description of The New Police Report Manual, “this manual is the undisputed authority on plain-talk report writing techniques. Interesting and easy-to-read, it provides hundreds of examples that show easier and better ways to write without any spelling or grammar lessons. It is valuable as a supplemental reader for investigations or police communications courses. Students will devour this book and gain an incredible understanding of the impact report writing has on the complex issues surrounding a case.”


According to the book description of The Search and Seizure Handbook, “this text is a functional and sensible guide to understanding the complicated laws of search and seizure. Rutledge discusses the latest law and court decisions and tells readers how to apply legal rules to the real world of everyday policing. The text covers exclusionary rules, twenty-seven search warrant exceptions, search warrant applications (service and return), report writing, saving a case from error, testifying at the suppression hearing, and more!”

About the Santa Ana Police Department

The Department has 700 employees providing a variety of police services, in positions as police officers, dispatchers, detention officers, and police service officers.  In addition to the Office of the Chief of Police, the Santa Ana Police Department is organized into five bureaus: Administrative Bureau; Field Operations Bureau; Investigations Bureau; Jail Bureau; and, Technology and Support Bureau.




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