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Until 1829, law enforcement had been lacking in organisation. As London expanded during the 18th and 19th centuries the whole question of maintaining law and order had become a matter of public concern. In 1812, 1818 and 1822, Parliamentary committees were appointed to investigate the subject of crime and policing. But it was not until 1828 when Sir Robert Peel set up his committee that the findings paved the way for his police Bill, which led to the setting up of an organised police service in London.
Author Dick Kirby

Rough Justice
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The Real Sweeney
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You're Nicked
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The buzz on this fuzz


Dirk Kirby’s latest book, Villains, is receiving strong praise:


“All of the stories are told with Dick Kirby’s acerbic, black humour in a compelling style by a detective who was there.”

American Police Beat


“ … a great collection of true stories that rival the best of the fictional yarn spinners.”

Joseph Wambaugh.


“I’m a huge Dick Kirby fan … this is a fast-paced, riveting read, made even more enjoyable by Kirby’s trademark humour.”

           Tangled Web Website


“This is magic.  The artfulness of these anti-heroes has you pining for the good old days.”

           The Daily Sport




"An exciting and fascinating insight into a highly experienced and effective detective's approach to some of the most difficult areas of policing." (London Police Pensioner Magazine, December 2001)


"He treats criminals the only way they understand.  His language is often shocking, his methods unorthodox." (National Association of Retired Police Officers' Magazine, 2001)


"His style of writing pulls no punches and he tells it like it is.  Highly recommended." (Police History Society Journal, 2001)


"Real 'Boys' Own' stuff this, tinged with a wry sense of humour makes this an excellent read." (Metropolitan Police History Society, 2001)


"'Rough Justice' is a fast-paced, amusing and enjoyable read, full of absorbing crime stories."  (Suffolk Journal, February 2002)




"He lifts the lid on the realities of the Flying Squad."  (National Association of Retired Police Officers' News, July 2005)


"Tough, fast-paced and funny, this one's a must."  (London Police Pensioner Magazine, March 2005)


"His reflections on the political aspect of law enforcement will ring true to cops everywhere."  (American Police Beat, June 2005)


"...the unique and uncompromising style of policing that helped Kirby become one of the best detectives of his day, at Scotland Yard."  (Suffolk Journal, May 2005)


"A strong, racy narrative with flashes of humour, which are very black, indeed."  (Metropolitan Life, March 2005)


"These are real-life accounts of a tough London cop."  (Daily Express, 4 March 2005).

Dick Kirby was born in the East-End of London, England in 1943.  He joined the London Metropolitan Police in 1967.  Dick worked as a detective sergeant in east and north London and served on Scotland Yard's Serious Crime Squad and the Flying Squad for half of his 26 years of service.  Throughout his career he was commended on 40 occasions for courage, leadership and his detective ability.  He retired from the police force in 1993.


He is an authority on the history of the Metropolitan Police's Criminal Investigation Department and, in particular, the Flying Squad, and has contributed to half-a-dozen other true crime books.  His current views on law & order are unequivocal, as they always have been.  The victims of crime must be put first, he says, far and away in front of the whining, so-called rights of the disruptive groups of youths who nowadays effectively run Britain's streets. He is scathing in his national newspaper articles on his denunciation of the weak kneed, self-serving and politically correct senior police officers who contribute to this disgraceful state of affairs.


In retirement, the man whom an Old Bailey judge described as being, "One of the best detectives at New Scotland Yard" and who was referred to by a senior police officer in Northern Ireland as, "a good man to have in an explosive situation" lives life at a substantially slower pace than before.  From his rural village home, deep in the tranquil Suffolk countryside in the east of England he reads, corresponds with chums all over the world, listens to music and writes.  He and Ann, his wife of over 40 years are surrounded by their books, photographs and artwork.  Their children and grandchildren are within easy hailing distance and they tend their garden which overlooks miles of rolling countryside".


In addition to having published a number of magazines and newspapers articles he is the author of three sets of memoirs: Rough Justice - the memoirs of a Flying Squad detective; “The Real Sweeney;” and, a third set of memoirs, You're Nicked!


Dick Kirby’s newest book, You’re Nicked, is receiving a outstanding reviews:


"Dick Kirby ... gives a gruelling, gritty, yet funny look at life on the front line against crime." 



"It's full of dark humour, tense busts and stand-offs.  As crime rates rocket, this book will go down well."



"A great read with fascinating stories and amusing anecdotes from a man who experienced it all." 



"You're Nicked! is a gritty series of episodes from his time in the Met - laced with black humour and humanity."


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