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Above Ground
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Loose Ends
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Angel in the Full Moon: A Jack Taggart Mystery
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According to the book description of Loose Ends, “Jack Taggart, an undercover Mountie, lives in a world where the good guys and the bad guys change places in a heartbeat. Taggart is very good at what he does. Too good to be playing by the rules. The brass decide to assign a new partner to spy on him. Taggart's new partner discovers a society dependent upon unwritten rules. To break these rules is to lose respect. To lose respect is to lose one's life. Loose Ends is terrifying. It is a tale of violence, corruption, and retribution, but it is also a story of honor and respect.”

One of Don Easton’s reader said, “I picked up Loose Ends and Above Ground for some light reading for vacation but after cracking open the first book on the flight, I finished both books by my first night. I did not expect to be so drawn into the fight for justice by Jack Taggart created by Don Easton! I have read many novels with characters in law enforcement, but the realistic personalities created by Easton are true to life and definitely enjoyable to those involved in this struggle between the good guys and the bad guys. Easton's obvious successful career was reflective of the words on his pages. For those who want to experience the trials and tribulations of law enforcement, Easton has opened that door for you!”

Don Easton, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) police officer is the latest of the international police writers to be added to Police-Writers.com.  His first book, Loose Ends, is a fiction novel, based in part on Don Easton’s experiences as an undercover operative for the RCMP.  According to the MountieShop, Don Easton “soon leads the reader into the world of the drug trade in Vancouver; which is, in large part, organized, managed, and enforced by the biker gang known as the Satan’s Wrath Motorcycle Club.” 


Don Easton’s second book, Above Ground is released this month and continues with adventures of the main character, Jack Taggert, an undercover Mountie.

According to the book description of Above Ground, “RCMP detective Jack Taggart has avenged the murders of his niece and nephew, but the consequences linger. His deal with Damien, leader of the Satans Wrath motorcycle gang, has put him in a bind and has jeopardized an informant in the gang. Meanwhile, other members of the gang, led by a mysterious figure known only as "The Boss", have been working to eliminate Taggart by destroying the lives of anyone with connections to him.


And if the bad guys aren't enough of an obstacle, there are problems to be found on the force itself. Assistant Commisioner Isaac is becoming more and more suspicious that Jack may have been responsible for the death of a corrupt Crown prosecutor. With Jack's life and career on the line, Above Ground is a tough and gritty follow-up that will more than satisfy readers who were pulled into the dark Vancouver underworld by Loose Ends, the first Jack Taggart mystery.”

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