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Detective Sergeant Chicago Police Department (ret.), spent 46 years in law enforcement.  According to Don Herion, “40 of those years were fighting the Chicago mob. I served 38 years with the Chicago Police Department and retired at a Detective Sergeant. I was then requested by the sheriff of Cook County, Illinois, Michael Sheahan, to organize my own hand picked unit too bust up and arrest mob operations in Cook County. I accepted this offer and worked for 8 years as the Director of this unit making hundreds of raids in the county including Chicago, Il.” Detective Sergeant Don Herion is the author of The Chicago Way and Pay, Quit, or Die.

According to the book description of Pay, Quit, or Die, “Organized crime, the Mafia, or the Outfit as it is known in Chicago, is surrounded by a false glamour that elevates mobsters to the level of swashbuckling folk heroes whose ready violence and savage murders are too often excused in the public mind as acceptable because they only hurt each other. Similarly, illegal gambling, the bread-and-butter racket inevitably combined with loan-sharking and extortion, is widely tolerated because it is perceived to be a victimless crime.”

One reader of The Chicago Way said, “A behind the scenes detailed view of the Chicago Crime Syndicate through the eyes of a Detective Police Sergeant personally making raids for 40 years while fighting the mob...not just a bunch of words from some researcher. The book details the who, the what, and the way the Chicago mob has murdered 150 informants, gamblers who owe $$, and their competition. Not just rumors about the mob and how they work...documents, photos, arrest information and "mob family" ties finally revealed. This is the real deal. Only a street cop could provide previously unknown facts about the murderous ways of the syndicate. Herion was also an advisor on the recent Dillenger movie "Public Enemy" with Johnny Depp, and on several other movies.

The Chicago Way
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Pay, Quit, or Die
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One reader of The Chicago Way said, “If you want a detailed view of what the Chicago mob was like and how things happened in the good old days when the mob was running loose in Chicago then this is the book to read. The book provides accurate first hand details from a man who was there to be apart of it all. Through his many years of fighting crime Herion writes about the events and stories of his life, while giving the reader an idea of who was in the mob, what was going at the time, and giving the reader an idea of what the mob is all about. The photos, the details and all the information make this book a must read. After reading Herion's first book Pay Quit or Die, i knew that the next book would not disappoint. Its a very interesting book and the information, details, and pictures are all firsthand things from the guy who was there to see it himself. Herion's experience and expertise were used in the Johnny Depp film that recently came out Public Enemies, so you know that the book is going to be good. Having read both of his books I can say that they are both really good and definitely a must read. You won’t be disappointed.”

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