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You're Under Arrest I'm Not Kidding
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Officer Needs Assistance Again
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You have the right to remain silent
Don Parker  More Info

About the Escambia Sheriff’s Office:

The Escambia Sheriff’s Office and its team of uniformed patrol and detention deputies provide law enforcement services to more than 300,000 Escambia County residents.  The Escambia Sheriff’s Office has more than 1100 sworn and civilian personnel.


To help officers keep abreast of the ever-changing law enforcement technologies and techniques the Escambia Sheriff’s Office offers on-going training opportunities. Initially, officers go through the Field Training Program which consists of a four-phase, 44-day curriculum to train new deputies in the policies and procedures of the Escambia Sheriff’s Office. Continuing in-house training programs are offered and designed to enhance officer’s skills and knowledge and to meet mandatory retaining requirements of the State of Florida. The Escambia Sheriff’s Office also offers a tuition reimbursement program to assist employees in furthering their career interests through area educational institutions. Additionally, a fully equipped health/fitness facility is furnished to help officers reach and maintain their peak physical condition.


Situated in Northwest Florida on the tip of the Florida Panhandle, Escambia County offers an enviable lifestyle. The beautiful Gulf of Mexico and its local bays with blue-green waters bordered by sugar-white beaches offer many recreational opportunities. Freshwater is also abundant with creeks and rivers winding through the area. Our mild climate makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors with an annual average temperature of 72 degrees and sunshine on an average of 344 days per year.


Residents also enjoy many other benefits. The county has an excellent public school system, a vocational school, community college, and a four-year state university. Three major hospitals, with physicians representing every major specialty, provide quality healthcare services. Affordable housing is widely available and the low cost of living enables residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Thanks to Florida’s broad tourism base, there is no state income tax.


Escambia County is the western-most county of Florida, bordered by Alabama to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, Perdido River to the west and Escambia River to the east. The county encompasses 662 square miles which includes two barrier islands. The county seat is the City of Pensacola.




From an obviously pleased reader (maybe mom?)


Your Under Arrest, and I mean it. “I couldn't find any reviews of this book, so I decided to make one of my own. Don Parker, was a Sheriffs Deputy in my hometown. (Pensacola, Florida) in Escambia County. This man has the worst luck of anyone, especially for a cop, but his problems are humorous, not sad. Such as almost causing an international incident, or helping a car thief change a flat tire. Etc Etc, very good book, and first in his set of books.”



In Don Parker officer needs assistance..... again “ I'll write a review later, since I have to go, but I will give you a quote from Parker from the back of the book. "Uh.... and Headquarters, tell them to bring a crowbar"”


In You have the right to remain silent, Don Parker says, "Just about everything that can happen to a law enforcement officer has happened to me, at least twice. I've been shot at, cut with a knife, bitten by a drunk woman in a bar fight, chased by a possum, attacked by an eight-year-old with a BB gun, and married three times." And he continues to write about his experiences in his books which chronicle his eighteen year law enforcement career as a deputy sheriff. His new book, You Have The Right To Remain Silent, continues with more wild, wacky, bizarre and often hilarious stories that previous readers enjoyed so much in You're Under Arrest - I'm Not Kidding and Officer Needs Assistance… Again.


As with his first two books, there are a series of stories which follow a common theme. In You Have The Right To Remain Silent, the reader will meet five different shoplifters all of whom take a different approach to their crimes. All are ultimately unsuccessful, but it's not for lack of trying. Readers will also meet car #141, a marked cruiser car with whom Parker maintains a love-hate relationship, a four-wheeled nemesis which seems to go out of it's way to make his life miserable.


Parker also offers the reader helpful advice including the best way to tell a war story, the proper way to capture a rattlesnake, why it's not a good idea to try to arrest a turtle and his secret, never-fail method for enthralling waitresses. He also reveals his more cultured side as he discusses his attempts to be recognized as the poet laureate of the Sheriff's Department.


You Have The Right To Remain Silent is chock-full of interesting and memorable characters who make the stories come alive. Parker gives the reader an inside view of law enforcement rarely seen in the movies or on television. "Law enforcement is a serious business," he says, "but it's not serious all the time. Police officers certainly risk their lives and sometimes they even make the ultimate sacrifice, but it's not all dramatic shoot-outs and high speed chases. Even when things are tense there can be humor and cops are just as human as the rest of us."


According to Parker the cover illustration is an accurate depiction of an incident that occurred early in his career. "I had to deal with a newspaper-stealing dog named Byron. Sometimes he'd collect a dozen papers from different yards and he was driving the residents in the neighborhood crazy. One of those residents became so incensed he ordered me to arrest the dog." So did he? Parker just laughed, "You'll have to read the story."


You Have The Right To Remain Silent is in soft cover, 256 pages long, and is one of those books almost impossible to put down once you start reading it. The stories draw you in and before you know it several hours have passed. You Have The Right To Remain Silent is great fun and we hope this won't be the last in this series of highly entertaining books from this talented writer

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