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Shield of Faith
Donald Dinninger  More Info

About the Saginaw Police Department

The Saginaw Police Department's Patrol Services Bureau currently has approximately 100 sworn personnel who work in various assignments throughout the Bureau.  They also have an administrative section, investigations bureau and a technical services bureau.

Sergeant Donald Dinninger has served on the Saginaw Police Department for eighteen years. The department has awarded him two meritorious awards and two distinguished service awards. He was honored as policeman of the year in 1985. Don has acquired a master’s degree from the University of Detroit and has earned a ministerial certificate from the Berean School of the Bible in Springfield, Missouri. Over the years, Don has worked as patrolman, detective, training sergeant, and director of public affairs as well as a missionary to Guatemala.


Donald Dinninger is the author of Shield of Faith.  Donald Dinninger said of his book, “Reviewing the past sixteen years on the police force, I noticed a definite marked difference in my policing techniques, before and after I asked the Lord into my life. The tragedies I was witnessing and the subsequent trauma in my life were leading me down a road to becoming cynical, caustic and calloused. I would like to describe some of the significant events that paved the way to my realizing I needed Christ in my life. I would note that these will only begin to scratch the surface of my profession. I’ve been through many more trying experiences, but now I’m not alone. I’ve got a Protector who won’t leave me nor forsake me. He comforts me when I need comforting and strengthens me when I need strengthening.”

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