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Donald Hartenstine

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To Protect and Serve with Laughter
Lt. Donald G. (ret) Hartenstine  More Info

About the Exeter Township Police Department

The Exeter Township Police Department has just over 30 sworn members primarily organized in Patrol Division and Detective Unit.  The Patrol Division is organized into platoons and conducts routine law enforcement operations within the Township of Exeter.  Additionally, the Exeter Township Police Department has the following specialized functions: Bike Patrol; DARE; K9; and, Traffic Safety Unit.  





Lieutenant Donald Hartenstine (ret.) graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy Hershey Pennsylvania in 1970. He served on the Lower Alsace Township Police Department Berks County (Pennsylvania) for over three years. Donald Hartenstine then served with the Exeter Township Police Department (Pennsylvania) for the remainder of his law enforcement career.


Donald Hartenstine served as a patrolman, sergeant, was later promoted to Lieutenant. He received a certification as a firearms instructor, hostage negotiator. Throughout his police career, he is well-trained in evidence collection, crime scene investigation, and received numerous certificates in law enforcement. Part of his training included police management courses at Penn State University. His police experience spanned thirty years.  Lieutenant Donald Hartenstine (ret.) is the author of To Serve and Protect with Laughter.


According to the book description of To Serve and Protect with Laughter, “the world of law enforcement isn’t just about policemen cracking mysterious cases and nabbing villainous outlaws- it’s also a realm of blundering criminals, zany cops, and wacky wild-goose chases. Yes folks, behind the serious face of law enforcement lies one hit comedy show that, perhaps thankfully, never gets shown in the news reports.


Take the account of ex-cop Donald Hartenstine, who bares the good, the bad, and the hilarious side of law enforcement in his new book To Serve and Protect with Laughter. A memoir, police journal, and comedy script rolled into one, this masterfully written work is a collection of humorous true stories, which, happened in the line of duty- and in some cases, in the line of fire.


Along the way, the readers will encounter a slew of memorable characters- the hungry grizzly bear, the madcap judge, and the sensitive bodybuilder and his precious photo album, and many more. Not merely a compilation of anecdotes, this volume also paints an entertaining, humorous portrait of the American way of life through the eyes of a vigilant observer.”

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