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Donna Wudyka

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About the Detroit Police Department

The Detroit Police Department is the 10th largest police department in the nation.  It has over 3,700 sworn and civilian employees with an annual operating budget of over $414 million.  The Detroit Police Department is responsible for providing law enforcement service to more than 950,000 residents; over 10,000 businesses; and 258 schools in the city of Detroit, which spans 138.7 square miles.

Donna Wudyka was hired by the Detroit Police Department in 1987.   After 10 years of service, she retired in 1997 on a duty-related disability pension.  Donna Wudyka is the author of Officer’s Nightmare.

According to the book description, “An Officer's Nightmare is about two white female Detroit police officers. I am one of them. We were involved in a police shooting in January of 1996. Fellow officer Patrick Prohm was fatally shot. In this story I will describe the aftermath of the shooting, and the hell that the City of Detroit put my partner and I through: Injustice, discrimination, harassment, and mental anguish. My partner and I thought the incident was traumatic enough. But wait until you see what came after. I pray that no other officer, anywhere in this nation, should be treated the way we were by the city we were sworn to protect.”


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