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Doug W. Driver began his law enforcement career as reserve deputy sheriff in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  He is currently a sergeant with the Owasso Police Department. Doug Driver is the author of Life Behind the Badge.

According to the book description of Life Behind the Badge is the real story behind law enforcement, written by a veteran police officer. Although similar to the life of a cop, this story has all the excitement of the chases and takedowns that Tinseltown emphasizes. Sergeant Doug Driver also shows you the struggle to be a cop in today’s world of lawsuits, political correctness, and public scrutiny. The private life of a public servant can be hard. It’s easier to take a criminal off the streets than it is to keep a marriage together. Harsh hours, low pay, stress, and the trauma of seeing the cold hard truths of life take their toll. But every day, in every town in America, men and women put on the badge and sacrifice a part of themselves in order to serve Justice. This is the story of one man’s Life Behind the Badge.

According to one reader of Life Behind the Badge, “Going against our current world of political correctness, this is one book that doesn't pull any punches and tells it like it is ... This is a true accounting of how a cop lives his life and tells of the personal sacrifices he makes to "serve and protect" those in his community... No Hollywood version here... Simply one highly-decorated officer's facts of what he and his brotherhood face everyday... From capturing drunk drivers, to helping the elderly, to nearly being beaten or shot to death - If you don't have respect for the police and the things they do now- You will after you read this book.”

Life Behind the Badge
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About the Owasso Police Department

According to the Owasso Police Department, “The mission of the Owasso Police Department is to work in partnership with the citizens of Owasso to enforce the laws and to enhance the quality of life in our community.”

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