During medival times, keeping the peace and responding to the Hue and Cry was whose job?

A Concise History of American Policing
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Downers Grove Police Department (Illinois)

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Lou Fulgaro

About the Downers Grove Police Department

The Village of Downers Grove operates under a council-manager form of government. The Village Council is the policy-making body that authorizes a professional manager to oversee the daily operations of the village. In addition to the Municipal Code, which establishes many of the rules and regulations by which the Village operates, the Council has also adopted separate Council Polices on certain matters related to municipal activities. Recently, the Village Council developed and adopted a strategic plan that lays out a blueprint for the future of the community. The Mayor and Council will review and modify the plan in the future as necessary.


The Police Department’s mission is to enhance the public health and safety of the community by being committed to building trust through the delivery of efficient, professional and caring services. Through the commitment to its mission statement, the members of the Downers Grove Police Department ensure the proper, lawful and unbiased application of police powers in accordance with federal, state and local laws. The department recognizes and respects the rights and principals that are embodied in the Constitution of the United States.






Featured book from the Downers Grove Police Department

Poke Probe Pry And Peek: Detecting The Detectable
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