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Your Personal Guide to "Dog Whispering": & "Helping Dogs with People Problems"
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"Dusty, Here!": Understanding a Dog's Point of View
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Canine Reflections
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About the Wexford County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff’s Office provides 24 hour public safety services that includes: a Law Enforcement division, Corrections division, 9-1-1 Central Dispatch, and Animal Control division. The department provides 24 hour emergency and non-emergency incident response, investigative services, traffic enforcement, drug and alcohol enforcement, school liaison services, the DARE program, and other community policing initiatives.


The department is staffed with approximately 55 employees and is responsible for criminal justice services; inmate care, custody, and control; animal control services; 9-1-1 dispatching of police, fire, and EMS; Marine, Snowmobile, and ORV patrol; and support services. Officers are also assigned to various teams such as the County Dive Team, Emergency Response Team, Crime Scene Technicians, Accident Investigators, and Fire Investigators.


The office is staffed by three clerical employees who are responsible for police reports, firearm registration and permit issuance, civil paper filings, inmate housing, fingerprinting, and accounting responsibilities.




Recruited from the Central Intelligence Agency, Duff Lueder began his law enforcement career with the Washington DC Police Department in 1972.  Later, he joined the Wexford County Sheriff’s Office (Michigan). In 1982 he became a certified Police K-9 handler and six months later became a certified Handler/Trainer and opened his new Dog Obedience Training Center.  He is a graduate and certified Handler/Trainer from; Rudy Drexler’s  School for Dogs (Elkhart, Indiana). Duff Lueder’s certification as a Handler/Trainer includes: K-9 Obedience, Man-Tracking, Narcotics Detection, Image training, Building Search, Crowd Control and Explosives Detection. 


Since his retirement in 1992, he has continued to train dogs for people of all walks of life and further develop the Kinepal Training and Behavior Modification Program. He has a BA in Sociology and an MS in Animal Sciences.  He is the author of Canine Reflections: Memoirs of a Police K-9 Handler/Behaviorist Trainer and the co-author of Dusty, Here.


According to the book description of Canine Reflections, “this book is a personal, candid journey with the author that begins with a dog he briefly knew in his youth that belonged to an Uncle; to when he became a new Police K-9 Handler having never had a dog of his own before; through his evolution to becoming a Behaviorist Dog Trainer and “Dog Whisperer” that today helps dog owners learn.”


With co-author wife Jane Lueder, Duff Lueder recently published Your Personal Guide to “Dog Whispering”: & “Helping Dogs with People Problems.”


According to the book description of Your Personal Guide to “Dog Whispering”: & “Helping Dogs with People Problems,” “If you have ever wanted to learn more about the concepts and training principles of the "Dog Whispering" world, this "guide" will take you there. Complete with photo illustrations and specific instructions, you'll learn that "obedience techniques" are not just tricks to have a well-mannered dog, but are actually a "communication process" by which you and your dog can avoid misunderstandings.


You will enjoy a unique and eye-opening opportunity, maybe for the first time, in understanding what obedience techniques actually mean to the dog. You'll be enlightened about the myths and misconceptions in dog training so you can recognize which training processes can work the best for you and your dog together. You will learn step by step how to be your dog's calm, benevolent leader and how to demonstrate "alpha leader controls" that your dog can naturally relate to. You will learn why and how you will never have to say "no" to your dog again. Plus, you'll learn to recognize different forms of aggression, what they mean and how they can develop and that "Leadership Controls" along with specific "Obedience-Communication" techniques deal with these aggressions, other behavior issues and much more.


Through this personal guide, you will discover a less stressful way to train your special four-legged friend and enjoy him more than you ever imagined. It will open your mind and provide common sense insight into the wonderful world of communicating with your dog, just like you have always wanted. You will also recognize that whatever training methodology you choose to employ, that the principles you learn here can be used to enhance the proficiency of any process. If you are seeking that positive and fulfilling relationship with your dog without the confusion, frustration and guesswork, then it already began the moment you picked this book up.”

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