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Dale W. Duke, a former Bakersfield Police Department law enforcement official writes, "While working as a police officer in sunny central California as a teenager, he attended Bakersfield College obtaining his degree in Administration of Justice. To pay the bills he worked as an ambulance crew member, drove a school bus and trucked hay. After college Officer Dale Duke joined the Bakersfield Police Department, worked traffic, patrol and a variety of other law enforcement duties. After a stint riding with his buddies in the Sheriff's helicopter he went on to become a pilot. He now earns a living by writing and working in labor relations with the Postal Service."  Dale W. Duke is the author of Behind the Badge: The True Story of California's First Teenage Cop.

According to the book description of Behind the Badge: The True Story of California's First Teenage Cop, "You've seen all the cop shows on television, you've read about police escapades in various mainstream novels and you've seen the John Walsh show on TV. But if you really want to know what it's like strapped to a two-ton police cruiser, chasing murder suspects, being shot at, seeing your friends crash into trains, take a look through the eyes of an EIGHTEEN-YEAR OLD policeman in sunny California. The book is written from the viewpoint and the eyes of California's youngest policeman at the time, in the turbulent 70s, the end of the Vietnam War and during the escapades of the Sibianses Liberation Army. What really happens on patrol during the late night hours, when the 'normal' people are in bed? What do the cops do to entertain themselves when there are no robberies, shootings or rapes? Do policeman really care or this just another job? Find out, ride along and hold on for the ride! Everything in the book is true, unabridged and tells the good, the bad and the ugly."

Behind the Badge: The True Story of California's First Teenage Cop
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About the Bakersfield Police Department 

The Bakersfield Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that employs over 350 sworn personnel and over 140 civilian personnel.  The Bakersfield Police Department is organized into four large entities: Administration Division; Investigations Division; Operations Division; and Support Services. The Administration Division includes “Internal Affairs, the Criminal Intelligence Office, Public Information Officer, Business Manager, Chief's Administrative Assistant and two secretaries.”


According to the Bakersfield Police Department 2006 annual report, the goal of the Operations Division is to “Protect life and property; investigate crimes and apprehend criminal violators; provide for the safe and orderly flow of traffic; provide police canine service; provide for safe schools through crime prevention, intervention and enforcement measures; provide animal control services; provide graffiti prevention, enforcement and investigation and provide preventative patrol to the community.”


According to the Bakersfield Police Department 2006 annual report, the goal of the Investigations Division is “to work cooperatively with all other divisions and allied agencies as we continue to uphold a tradition of skillful and ethical criminal investigations. We will be innovative in our use of available crime fighting technologies. The use of the Crime Analysis section by investigators has proven to be a valuable asset when attempting to determine crime trends as well as potential suspects. The effectiveness of the Special Enforcement Unit continues to impact gang violence in our community with prompt response to gang-related crimes.”


According to the Bakersfield Police Department 2006 annual report, the goal of the Support Services Division is to “provide administrative support necessary for effective operation of the various Department units: provide mandated and additional training to all employees of the Department: provide 24-hour emergency and non-emergency telephone answering and radio dispatching of calls; disseminate information crucial to the effective enforcement of law; develop and update Department policy and procedures; conduct efficient record management practices; and provide crime prevention programs to the community, local schools and business; receive and process calls for police services in the most expeditious manner possible, to aid in the protection of life and property.”



Bakersfield Police Department 2006 Annual Report

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