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Duluth Police Department (Minneosta)

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Eli J. Miletich

About the Duluth Police Department

he Duluth Police Department is the third largest police department in Minnesota and has a staff of approximately 175; and, the annual 2007 budget was slightly over $17 million. The department is divided into the Patrol Division and the Investigative/Administrative Division. Each division is managed by a deputy chief of police. The Patrol Division is divided into 2 geographic patrol areas. Each area is under the command of a lieutenant. The Patrol Division consists of the following units; Traffic Bureau; Canine Unit; Community Policing Teams; and, Patrol shifts.


The Investigative/Administrative Division contains all investigative units and administrative functions. There are currently 2 lieutenants assigned to this division and consists of the following units; Violent Crimes Unit; Family Crimes Unit; Property/Financial Crimes Unit; Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force;  Training/Personnel/Licensing Unit; Records Support Unit; Animal Shelter/Control; and, other division responsibilities include internal investigations, fleet, MIS, facilities, and grant management


Each unit consists of a sergeant and several investigators. The department operates out of two main buildings. Police headquarters is located in City Hall, 411 West 1st Street and contains administrative and investigative offices as well as East Patrol Area operations. The West Duluth building is located at 5830 Grand Avenue (behind the Library and Fire Hall) and houses West Patrol Area operations, investigative personnel, and the emergency operations center.




Selected book from a Duluth Police Department police officer.

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