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E.W. "Ted" Oglesby

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E. W. “Ted” Oglesby was a Los Angeles Police Officer for 31 years.  He is the author of Angel Dust: What everyone should know about PCP and the co-author of Street Narcotic Enforcement.

According to the book description of Street Narcotic Enforcement, “This is a powerful and informative handbook for identifying the most commonly abused street drugs, and for recognizing symptoms of abuse. This book contains everything from Heroin to GHB, including drug photos and a step by step guide for conducting "under the influence evaluations." This book is a must for criminal justice practitioners, private security professionals, educators, and parents.”

Street Narcotic Enforcement
Joe Klein  More Info
Angel dust: What everyone should know about PCP
E. W Oglesby  More Info

From the History of the Los Angeles Police Department (lapdonline.org)

In addition to stressing marksmanship, Davis sought successfully to make LAPD officers known worldwide as firearm experts. He initiated the dragnet system for tracking down wanted criminals, stressed the value of statistics for determining crime trends, and fired more than 240 officers for "bad conduct."

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