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Easter morning 0215

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Easter morning 0215


Shots bark into the night

I gun my squad towards the scene half a block away

Praying that no ones hit

That I’m not next

Crown Vic lit up like a Christmas tree

My legs are lead

I force them to move

Heart hammering

Fight the need to run away

One down

She’s so young

Multiple shots to the chest and neck

So much blood

Smells like copper

I pull her out of the car

Her friends are screaming

Begging me to help her

Seeing only the shield

My weapon is in my hand

I’m shaking

Fear has me

Where is the shooter

Scan, breathe, scan

Have to stop the bleeding

Apply pressure

Blood pumps into my hand

Feel her heart beating

Scan, the shooter might be close

Steady rhythm

Thump thump thump

Keep scanning

Key the radio

Thump thump

Scream for help

710 to725 I need medics she’s hit bad


Sirens in the distance

Thank god






Don’t leave me here alone

Save her

Save me

Tattoo on her arm says “forever”

Forever isn’t long enough

Her blood steams in the cold

Minneapolis is on scene

9mm casings outlined by shattered glass

Little blue cards cover them on the pavement

Dazed, I walk back to my squad


Turn out the lights

My crew is close

904, 907, 968, 997

10-23 on scene

Wallin’s voice on channel 2

Reminding me I’m not alone

That he’s just outside the police line

That my boys are with me

That they’ve got my back

Tears choke off my throat

Light a smoke

See the blood on my hands

Make a statement

Another life lost

Part of me went with her

Hunter drives me back to 1055

I cry the whole way

Talk to Gardner and Spanky

Finish reports

Drive to Mom’s for Easter day

120 on 35e isn’t fast enough

Running now because I couldn’t before

Car stereo turned up all the way

Trying to drown out the screams


My daughter is sleeping

I watch her

Reliving the past few hours

Can’t shut it off

Over and over

Thump thump





Tears come again

I kiss my daughters forehead

Wipe my eyes with her hair

Find a couch


Sunrise on Easter morning

They say Jesus died for our sins

What did Tyania Wilson die for



Officer Mick Sharpe

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