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Edward T. Cook

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Guiding The Way From Middle Neebish
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Stars & Shields: Cop Stories
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Murders Do Not Come by Accident
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The History of the 104th Combat Engineers: Pacific Campaign: 1942-1945
Edward T. Cook  More Info

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About the Northwestern University Police Department

According to the Northwestern University Police Department, “The University Police Department has the primary responsibility for crime prevention, law enforcement, parking control, emergency response and policing of special events. University Police are also responsible for various other community services on the Evanston and Chicago campuses. University Police provide a full range of campus services 24 hours a day, 365 days ayear. Sworn University Police personnel have the same authority as municipal police officers / county sheriffs, are authorized to carry firearms and are empowered to make arrest.


University Police investigate reported criminal incidents and conduct follow-up investigations. As appropriate, criminal charges are filed and/or referrals to Student Affairs are initiated.  University Police act as a resource for the University community providing a variety of services including offering community safety and security programs.


University Police maintain close working relationships with the Evanston Police and Chicago Police Departments, including jointly investigating major incidents. Through the use of a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, officer activity is recorded for statistical analysis purposes. Calls for service are documented and evaluated to provide enhanced community service.


The Evanston and Chicago campus University Police Department (which includes the Parking Services Division in Evanston) is made up of 60 members. Most Police Officers and Supervisors have a Bachelor's degree and some have advanced degrees. On the Chicago campus, contract security personnel man stationary posts and make rounds in various campus buildings and University owned parking garages. Contract security personnel supplement University Police resources providing assistance and acting as additional "eyes and ears" on campus.”




Edward T. Cook graduated from Northern Michigan University in 1980 and is a Police lieutenant and Firearms Instructor with the Northwestern University Police Department in Evanston (Illinois).  Edward Cook has served with the law enforcement community for more than 30 years, both in Illinois and Michigan.  As an author, Edward Cook is a member of the Military Writers Society of America and the American Authors Association.  Edward cook is the author of Guiding The Way From Middle Neebish; Stars & Shields: Cop Stories; Murders Do Not Come by Accident; and,  The History of the 104th Combat Engineers: Pacific Campaign: 1942-1945


According to the book description of Guiding The Way From Middle Neebish, “When people think of lighthouse keepers, they think of the persons that light and maintain the beacons in the tall lighthouse along the coasts and rivers. They had only one light to maintain, and keep working. However, there where other lights that that the lighthouse keepers maintained. The channel lights of the St Mary's River were numerous. The St. Mary's River is 77 miles long from Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior, through the Sault Ste Marie Lock System, to its end at Detour Reef in Lake Huron. Most of the channels were mane made, with no designated traffic lanes to separate the ship traffic. The river channels are dredged to 28 feet deep, and are about 300 feet wide in most places. This is the story about those lighthouse keepers. The one's that maintained the range and buoy lights in the Great Lakes. In particular, about the life of Chief Quartermaster Hugh Cook. About the life of living in a lighthouse, and the everyday chores, and raising a family at the same time.”


According to the book description of Stars & Shields: Cop Stories, “If you ever wondered what cops talk about, these are some of the stories. This book covers thirty years of cop stories, jokes, and statements that the author has personally been involved in, or has been told by other cops in the Midwest. These are stories about cops both on and off duty. To those who wear the stars and shields, it can be a fun and rewarding job.”


According to the book description of Murders Do Not Come by Accident, “In the city of Marquette, in the upper peninsula of Michigan, four students are killed by accident. Or is it murder? It is up to detective John Cook to solve this mystery and apprehend the suspect. From Marquette to Neebish Island, Michigan, John Cook will not stop until these cases are solved and the suspect is behind bars!”


According to the book description of The History of the 104th Combat Engineers: Pacific Campaign: 1942-1945, “Edward T. Cook is the son of the late Major Edward T. Cook, who served with the 104th Combat Engineers during World War II. Edward wrote this book to give a historical account of the 104th Combat Engineers.”


According to the book description of Letters from Heroes, "Many were drafted, others volunteered, and some wanted to make the armed forces their career. It takes a combination of men and women to make up our armed forces. They all have a job to do, and they do it well. They give their time, their sweat and even their blood for our great nation. They are away from their families for months or years. They see death, they see happiness, and they see themselves as doing a job: To protect our freedom and freedom for others. They willingly make that sacrifice for their country. So in reading the following letters and stories, put yourself in their shoes. Some of the stories will make you chuckle, some will make you sad. But you will see things through their eyes. Their thoughts about training, war, sickness, and their comrades. What they thought about everything from the enemies they fought to the food they ate daily. Remember our heroes!"

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