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Edward F. Droge

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In the highest tradition
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The Honor Legion
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From the History of the New York Police Department 

By act of the legislature of this year, the Mayor, Recorder, five Aldermen and five Assistants, were deemed necessary to form a quorum for the transaction of any business. In the same act it was provided that the salary of the Mayor might be seven thousand dollars per annum, but could not be less than five thousand dollars, and after being fixed, it could not be lessened during the holding of the then incumbent. Formerly, the salary arise chiefly from perquisites of office.


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Edward F. Drgoe of the New York Police Department authored two novels, In the Highest Tradition and The Honor Legion, and his own autobiography - Patrolman: A Cop's Story.  According to the book description, “Edward F. Doge, Jr. made headlines with his testimony about police corruption before the Knapp Commission in New York.  Now he has decided to tell the whole blunt, hard-nosed truth about himself and the system that made him and broke him.


This is the story of his career from the beginning to the end. It is the story of fighting crime in the savage ghettos, of collaring hookers on the nighttime streets, of breaking up murderous family quarrels and risking his life and limb in hair-raising chases and gun duels.  It is also the story of pocketing money and bending regulations and losing every ideal.  And finally it is the story of how one cop's undercover activities implicated his fellow officers."

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