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Edward A. Stein, Sr.

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My badge is my integrity: The life of a harness bull
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About the Cleveland Police Department

The Cleveland Police Department is organized into three main units: Administrative Operations; Field Operations; and, Special Operations.


Administrative Operations of the Cleveland Police Department provides the necessary support services that enable both Field Operations and Special Operations to respond to calls for service as effectively as possible. Administrative Operations provides security services, warrant, subpoena and property processing, radio and telephone communications, inspection of the manner in which the Division provides police services to the community and management of information and human resources. Additional functions include the reporting and recording of crimes and incidents and the continued development of the Division through planning and training of all personnel.


Field Operations provides response to citizen calls for assistance through uniformed patrol activities in the six Districts and interacts through the community via the mini-station and DARE programs, Community Relations, the Auxiliary Police, and bike and foot patrols. The District support sections assist uniformed patrol efforts through the investigation of major offenses, concentrated enforcement action on specific complaints and crime pattern analysis. The Bureau of Traffic provides crowd control and traffic flow at major events, investigates serious traffic accidents and ensures the safety of school children walking to and from school. The neighborhood police districts ensure the safety of school children walking to and from school. Quality of life issues are addressed with the Community Empowered Policing (CEP) program and Operation Fresh Start.


Special Operations of the Cleveland Police Department is composed of two main sections which provide a variety of investigative and technical services to the Division and the community. Investigations, which consists of the Detective Bureaus, specializes in specific crimes such as auto theft, fraud, arson, homicide, sex crimes and youth gangs. Technical Support provides both photo lab services as well as forensic and crime scene analysis for the Division.






Edward A. Stein is a 35 Year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department and the author of My Badge is my Integrity: The Life of a Harness Bull.

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