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Elmer L. Snow, III

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Elmer L. Snow, III is a retired Sergeant from the Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Department. During his career in law enforcement he was a recipient of the Police Officer of the Year Award, Chief’s Award for Valor, Police Officer of the Month Award, and 42 letters of Commendation for Outstanding Performance of Duty.


Following his retirement, Snow was employed for five years by the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware where he provided personal protection for the Chairman of the Board, the DuPont Board of Directors, and Key Management. During this time he became involved in terrorism, counter terrorism programs, and counter terrorist driving techniques.


In 2003 he was contacted by Halliburton Corporation to provide personal protection services during the reconstruction of Iraq. As a Security Coordinator with KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, Snow worked in numerous high risk positions throughout Iraq, including Mosul, Baghdad, Tikrit, Balad, and culminating at Camp Anaconda.  Upon his return to the United States, Elmer Snow wrote A View from Iraq. 


According to the book description, A View from Iraq “is a must read for soldiers who have served, curious citizens, families of those who served or are in Iraq, as well as security practitioners who are constantly searching for tactics that are used by terrorists and insurgents. The book details various individual acts of courage and bravery that were demonstrated by members of our armed forces, methods of identifying problems that occur, and ways of reducing the level of threat to an acceptable level.” Elmer Snow is also the author of two fiction books Overkill- A Detective’s Story and Revenge Served Cold.

According to the book description of Overkill, “Detective Nicholas T. Robertson had always wanted to be a homicide detective, and the Prince George’s County Police provided that opportunity. Through the mentoring of his friend, Leland Fitzgerald, a fellow detective, Robertson’s knowledge and experience soars while Fitzgerald convinces us all that humor can be found in the most gruesome of investigations.”

According to the book description of Revenge Served Cold, “Victor Dolan has enjoyed an exciting career as a detective in the Prince George’s County Police Department and through experience has developed a skill of using departmental time to pursue his own interests. One interest is Nikita Androse, a singer whose voice is legendary and is secondary only to her body. “Vic” is determined not to let anything come between him and Nikita, even a stalker’s bullet that brings Dolan to the brink of death. He will recover to become the diva’s personal bodyguard, and while staying one step ahead of the stalker, will travel life’s highway to New Orleans where an old friend, a homicide detective who practices voodoo and has the morals of a cobra, will show Victor that “Revenge is a dish that’s served best when cold.”

Revenge Served Cold  
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A View from Iraq
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About Prince George's County Police Department

Prior to 1927, Prince George's County had no organized police force. The County was policed by a handful of part-time volunteer deputy sheriffs and constables. However, with the start of urbanization in the County, the 200-year-old sheriff/constable law enforcement system broke down and the County government set in motion a series of events that led to the formation of a four-man County police force. This was reorganized in 1931 and placed the County's force of now eleven officers under the command of a police chief who was appointed by the County Commissioners


Prince George's County, has grown1100 percent between 1930 and 1980. During the Department's 74-year history a total of 22 police officers have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives in the line of duty. Today, the Prince George's County Police Department serves approximately 800,000 citizens throughout the County. In 2001, the Department answered close to 500,000 calls for service. Our Department currently has an authorized strength of 1,420 officers and 263 civilians.






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