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Eric R. Radli

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Commander Eric R. Radli is recently retired from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, located in Reno, Nevada. He is a nationally recognized consultant and instructor in topics including, but not limited to: Hostage Negotiations, Hostage Survival, Jail Response Teams, Crisis Intervention, Officer Safety, Leadership Principles, Field/Facility Training Officer Programs and, Workplace Violence. Working as a past consultant for the American Jail Association (AJA), he has supplied training to numerous agencies covering a wide variety of topics. Additionally, Radli has provided consulting services through the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and Lockup USA, a video training production company. He is also a State of Nevada Certified Instructor in law enforcement topics.


Commander Radli’s experience covers working assignments in the Jail, Courts, Training, Patrol and Detectives. He has spent over 25 years involved in the County’s Hostage Negotiations Team, starting as Chief Negotiator and promoting up to Team Commander. Presently, he is the Team Training Advisor. Radli has personally negotiated numerous hostage-related incidents and has trained with the FBI in several scenarios produced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Commander Radli’s practical, real-life experiences add to the credibility of his training methods and effectiveness of his instruction. 


In an introductory book for students entering the field, or professionals seeking continued professional development in the issues of hostage situations. Includes cases studies and suggested checklists. This book is appropriate for criminal justice, criminal investigation, and homeland security programs. It is also suited for programs in emergency management, corporate security, psychology, emergency medical services and healthcare, police academy programs, and continuing professional development.

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