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Robert (Bob) Martin retired from the Lower Township Police Department (New Jersey) as a Detective Commander after 25 years of service.   He partnered with retired Captain Ernest Naspretto, New York Police Department, to write the true account of the murder and the investigation into the murder of a fellow officer. His book, The Thick Blue Line, explores the murder of Police Officer David C. Douglass, Lower Township Police Department (New Jersey).

According to the book description The Thick Blue Line, “if you enjoy crime novels you will enjoy reading the true murder story, The Thick Blue Line. The investigation is revealed through the eyes of the investigators who solved the murder of a fellow officer. The reader will experience the investigative process from initial incident to the final judicial sentencing of the offender. The six week investigation allows you to observe, and understand, what the investigators did in an attempt to close the most important case of their respective careers.”

From the History of the New York Police Department 

It is plain, from figures which come down to us in the public records, that no time was lost inputting things in order in the city. Arrangements appear to have been made with great promptitude for a system of watching, and for lighting the streets, for the accounts of the City Treasurer show that drafts were made for the purpose from January 1, 1784, forward. These expenditures were marked by great liberality as compared with those of the Colonial days; but it must be taken into account that extensive repairs in lamps, watch-houses, and other appurtenances were necessary, before any effectual service could be obtained. Nevertheless the appropriations were extremely liberal for the period.


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