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Murder: Family Affair
Ernie Dorling  More Info

With Consciousness of Guilt: The Sexual Predator Among Us
Ernest Dorling  More Info

About the Hollywood Police Department

Hollywood, Florida, the “Diamond of the Gold Coast,” was incorporated on November 28, 1925. The new "City" was approximately 640 acres and the first Police Department employed 10 Police Officers.  Today, the second largest City in Broward County, Hollywood covers 28 square miles.


The more than 600 employees of the Hollywood Police Department is organized into two bureaus: Administration and Operations.  Within the Operations Bureau are the Patrol Section and Criminal Investigation Division.


The Patrol Section of the Hollywood Police Department is organized into zones which patrol specific areas of the City.  This strategy provides the police officers “with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with their particular neighborhood's problems, as well as allowing the residents or business owners of a neighborhood to get to know the Officers who work the area.  The Officers take pride in the neighborhoods they are responsible for and enjoy meeting residents and business owners.”


The Patrol Section of the Hollywood Police Department “handles the majority of the 140,000 police service calls which occur in the City each year.  In addition to responding to calls for service, Officers self-initiate police action by actively searching for and arresting individuals involved with drugs, prostitution, burglary, robbery, theft, gang activity, and other miscellaneous criminal activities.  The Patrol Units are also the first to arrive on scene at all critical incidents.  Patrol Units who initially arrive at critical incidents handle the incidents directly or, if additional support is necessary, will stabilize the situation until support services, such as the Special Operations Section, the Criminal Investigations Division, the S.W.A.T. Team, or the Crime Scene Unit arrive to continue the investigation.”


The Criminal Investigations Division of the Hollywood Police Department “is comprised of the Investigative Services Section, Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics Unit, Crime Suppression Team, and the Crisis Negotiation Team.  The Investigative Services Section is responsible for the investigation of Homicides, Robberies, Sexual Assaults, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Neglect and Abuse cases, as well as property crimes such as Burglary, Arson, Theft, and Fraud.”




Ernie Dorling was a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and is now a supervisory Special Agent with the Defense Criminal Investigative Service.  He was also a police officer with the Hollywood Police Department (Florida).  Ernie has worked as a federal agent since 1978 with assignments in Washington, DC and Germany where he earned his Masters Degree in Public Administration.  Ernest Dorling has authored two true crime books, With Consciousness of Guilt and Murder: A Family Affair.


According to the book description of With Consciousness of Guilt, “The first time Sam Consiglio assaulted a woman, he was 13-years-old. He would grab women by the breasts and run. When caught, he promised the police and his father he would never do that again. It’s probably the one promise Sam made to anyone that he actually kept. For over 25 years, Sam preyed upon unsuspecting women from Michigan to Florida to California. Using his wit and charming personality, he gained their confidence and trust before turning violent whenever he needed to satisfy his sexual urges. With almost every arrest, Sam was able to beat the police and the prosecutors as they tried in vain, to have him incarcerated. And with each failure of the courts to keep him behind bars, Sam grew more confident that no one could ever keep him locked up.”


On Amazon reader/reviewer remarked of Murder: A Family Affair, “a must read! Mug Shots on Court TV and A&E's City Confidential did a dissevice to the truth in this case. Ernie Dorling's accuracy and writing style brings the characters alive. Everyone that I spoke to, said once they started reading; they couldn't put it down. Two women reading the book at the same time called each other every night to talk about every event in the book. Each chapter is more unbelievable than the one before.”

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