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Everett Croslin Sr.

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Sergeant Everett Croslin Sr., USAF, "served in the United States Navy before enlisting in the United States Air Force.  As an Air Force servicemember he served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Croslin attended Coppin State College where he studied political science and Morgan State University where he studied psychology, creative writing and script writing. Croslin worked for NASA for nine months before serving 18 years as a police officer in Maryland where is worked for the Morgan State University Police Department."  E.C. Croslin is the author of Operation Zodiac, The Mannosaur, They Thought You Were Bond: Tales of the Jaguar and Trail of the Master Spies: Tales of the Jaguar Volume II.

According to the book description of Operation Zodiac, "International relations are built on a foundation of mutual trust. What can go wrong when that trust breaks down or begins to fade? Based on author E.C. Croslins own experiences in the Air Force and as a NASA employee, new book Operation Zodiac, explores the give and take of international agreements. The story follows NSA Agent John Fernandez, as he searches for a missing high-tech spy jet shared by 12 member nations in the UN. As mutual trust dissolves, Agent Fernandez must search for the missing aircraft in order to save the crew of the ship and prevent an impending war. Croslins own experience in the Air Force and his time working for NASA sparked the ideas for this book and lends realistic details to the storyline."

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